Yuan Pay Group Scam Warning Review 2022: Crypto Ponzi By Li Fang?


Welcome to our Yuan Pay Group scam review 2022 & investigation. Despite what some review websites are claiming, Yuan Pay Group is far from a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange platform. Rather, it is just another “get rich quick” scheme. A ruthless scam that promises to make you wealthy over an insane time frame. They are luring you to steal your money. We have collected significant data that points out that the Yuan Pay Group is a scam. Yuan Pay Group scam by the fictitious Li Fang, Yuan Pay Group review, advertises itself as a brokerage dealing in an exclusive cryptocurrency called the E-Yuan.

Traders are buzzing about cryptocurrencies since it is a hot investment right now. We track the cryptocurrency market for such a long time. Therefore, it’s clear that cryptocurrency investors will enjoy a lucrative long-term experience. Our experts have tested the Yuan Pay Group Review 2022 platform to verify its legitimacy. We have put our research and analysis of the platform in this Yuan Pay Group scam review 2022. The official site of the platform claims that users can make huge money by trading on the platform. Is this true? Or just misleading? Let’s find out.

Yuan Pay Group Review 2022

Cryptocurrencies are changing the world, not only for individuals but also for companies. Governments and central banks around the world are responding to this fact. China’s central bank was one of the first to respond, launching its own digital currency. Yuan Pay Group 2022 is allegedly the authorized distributor of this national Chinese cryptocurrency. Therefore, should you invest in it? Its price is very low now. So there is the potential for a huge return on investment. YuanPay encourages you to open a trading account and deposit money into it. Encourage you to invest that money in the digital yuan. Is it worth doing? Is Yuan Pay Group 2022 legit?


It is true that China’s central bank has long been working on a digital version of the national currency yuan. It is even so far that a pilot has been running since last year. Citizens can pay with the digital yuan within selected locations and projects. But it is a digital currency issued by the Central Bank of China? Which is its exclusive issuer and distributor. YuanPayGroup by Li Fang is a fraudulent entity. It has nothing to do with China, its central bank, and digital currency! Just go through the official Yuan Pay website. You will see that it is a completely anonymous company. In reality, it is not under any regulation anywhere on the planet. Similar scam Hyperfund

In-Depth Analysis: Who Is Li Fang?

On the Yuan Pay Group website, you will find statements from celebrities such as Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and Peter Thiel, who allegedly support or plan to invest in the Chinese digital currency. Of course, they are all fake. Fraudsters misuse famous people & celebrity names to lure people. This is not the first or last case. Know that any recommendation of any celebrity and any positive testimonial about investing with YuanPay Group is a hoax, completely fake and fictional. Investigators have uncovered fake news articles featuring images of Chinese billionaires accompanied by terms such as “digital Yuan” and “Chinese digital currency”. This content has been misused to make it appear as though celebrities are endorsing Yuan Pay Group when in fact there is no solid proof to confirm their support.


There are multiple Yuanpaygroup websites. All of which claim to be the “official’’ Yuan Pay Group 2022 website. Why the duplication? There are numerous affiliate networks competing for search engine exposure, website users, and, ultimately, victims.

Yuan Pay Group Scam Review 2022!

First, YuanPayGroup by Li Fang is not E-yuan’s sole or exclusive distributor. Secondly, the new Chinese digital coin has nothing to do with algorithmic or robotic trading, albeit some review websites would have to believe otherwise. Additionally, this bogus trading platform is unable to buy or sell crypto contracts based on market rates because there is no legitimate trading engine that powers it. In other words, all this double talk about price predictions, and cross-chain and interbank transactions is really just a pile of rubbish designed to draw your attention so that you would register and fund a real-money trading account with an unlicensed offshore CFD broker.

We also found at least eight (8) different versions of the Yuan pay group scam review 2022 website. While these versions may differ slightly in design or content, all versions are scams. This is happening because there are competing affiliate networks battling for more exposure.


Yuanpaygroup by Li Fang claims that anyone can invest in China’s national cryptocurrency known as the ‘digital yuan’. The promising returns are as absurdly high as 5,084% ‘within a few months. You can find such unrealistic ROI in fraudulent schemes. Yuanpaygroup website states that the company has been developing China’s digital yuan since 2014. This is a blatant lie as the digital yuan is actually being developed by the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), which is the country’s central financial regulatory authority. It is also stated on the website that ‘YuanPay Group by Li Fang is the only approved and legalized company in China to trade and sell cryptocurrencies, and particularly this coin.’ This is not true as there is still a strict ban on cryptocurrency in China.

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