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Your Legacy Club

Your Legacy Club Scam Review: The new software released by Bill O’Doherty and it looks scummy. We have investigated about this new Your Legacy Club System for our valued readers and subscribers. There are some points that show that the software might be a scam. We also found some positive sides, about the Your Legacy Club. So, we leave the decision to the people who are willing to join this software or partner up with this system. The developers of the Autotrader thought that it is human nature to trust the elderly or senior citizens, but you will be amazed to find that any person of any age can lie in front of the camera!

Your Legacy Club

How Your Legacy Club Works

Don’t think it’s a real ‘Club’ to join. This is just a binary options signal software. It seems like the alleged millionaire Bill O’Doherty offers his coaching on binary options trading. He says he will invest the same amount of money you deposit in your broker account to help you. When your balance grows to a steady balance, then he will take his investment back and he won’t take any profit from your account. He acts like he is trying to help you. For example, if you download the Your Legacy Club App and fund your broker with $500 then you will start trading with $1000 as Bill O’Doherty promised to match your deposit with the same amount. When your deposit reaches $10000 then you get to keep $9550 as you took the bonus offer.

Why Your Legacy Club is a Scam!

First of all, we searched over the Google and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more sites and found nothing about the Billionaire named Bill O’Doherty who matched with the elderly gentleman. The ‘’No Loss’’ guarantee that the Your Legacy Club promises is fake and your hard-earned money at risk. Bill O’Doherty says he will match your first deposit so that you can start trading with double money. Well, most brokers offer 100% bonus credit to you then why you need that man’s own fund! Think about it.Your Legacy Club

Our investigation found that Your Legacy Club has never been featured on CNN Money, Bloomberg Business, Sky News, Nikkei Asian Review or the Financial journal as they mentioned it on their promotional video. They provided fake screenshots OF the news. You will see many logos and badges which indicate how great the Your Legacy Club robot really is. If you look closer you will see those badges are not click-able and are fake.

Verdict: the Your Legacy Club is a SCAM.

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3 thoughts on “Your Legacy Club Scam Software Review ; Binary Doctor

  1. Thanks for reviewing this Your Legacy Club system. I had requested it in 1 of my e-mails. Awesome review 🙂

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  2. Orville Flores / April 26, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    After losing all my savings with Your Legacy Club, the broker still call me to deposit more and try again! What a lame attitude. Guys please never sign up with this software.

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