YieldNodes 2022 SCAM Review | Stefan Hoermann Pyramid Scheme?


This YieldNodes scam review is not similar to any other reviews you find on Google. YieldNodes, whose website is Yieldnodes.Com is promoting a Master node scheme where financial backers will procure “super benefits” in any event, during seasons of monetary emergency. YieldNodes is requesting financial backers for a base store of 500 Euros. Therefore, guarantee that they will utilize the money to buy and keep up with servers. Profit will begin following 7 days of making the base installment in Bitcoins because of strategies engaged with arranging the server. With regards to withdrawals, YieldNodes claims they will change over your cash into fiat or Bitcoin and send it to you.

The merchant likewise guarantees that Yield Nodes can take care of the first store at some random time, expecting a financial backer would rather not compound of which his speculation would be locked for at least a half year. The central issue is whether this stage is one more speculation scam attempting to befuddle naive users.

The Yield Nodes site, in any event, proposes that the merchant is quick to improve masternoding. They likewise believe financial investors should realize that the stage was running as a confidential pool for no less than 1 year before they welcomed beta analyzers in October 2019. In any case, who are these folks, and can we trust them? In this Yieldnodes scam review, we are going to discuss the various aspects of the project, telling you why this is the fakest platform to finance in 2022.


YieldNodes Review

Yield Nodes is an ongoing master-noding pool project that works in the new blockchain-based economy. Yieldnodes rent technologies and master node servers to participants where revenue can be generated based on a Proof of Stake (PoS) Approach. Masternode monthly returns are up to 10% per month and compounding can generate returns of over 249.85% per year. The minimum investment term is 6 months and earnings are paid monthly in fiat currency and bitcoin and can be withdrawn or set to self-compose. At Yieldnodes, the base speculation sum is €50, while the greatest store is €250,000.


The Yieldnodes service is a node rental program based on the new blockchain economy. In a more digestible form, the “masternode” is a means of generating revenue by providing computing power and storage space that processes cryptocurrency transactions. One second, it’s not mining even if it looks like it. It is a process in which the master node provides more essential services and performs critical tasks to ensure higher yields. In order to become a masternode, the Yieldnodes team deposits the required number of the corresponding coin. This is “staking” which ensures that every masternode is invested in the process. Similar scam MetaForce


YieldNodes Scam Review

Before investing in Yield Nodes you should consider some negative aspects. Those are:

1.  The return on investment is too high. This is phenomenal information for financial backers, as to that end we as a whole need more cash! A scam organization would bait individuals with enormous ROI.

2. They have lucrative affiliate commissions (which is the way this site is funded). Affiliate commissions are frequently likened to a Ponzi conspiracy.

3. Different parts of the business bring up issues. Exceptional Media, the parent organization has a registration in Hong Kong, however, works from Malta.

4. Yieldnodes is a server leasing program, Not exchanging speculation. It has no connection with trading currencies or crypto. It is under no regulation or supervision by any financial authorities. It’s a task made by crypto lovers for different devotees of digital money and masternoding.

5. Results are NOT guaranteed and are highly dependent on cryptocurrency markets doing well.

6. You can’t withdraw your money in under a half year. That is definitely something terrible.

7. The CEO, Stefan Hoermann was exposed in PANAMA PAPERS.


Stefan Hoermann Exposed

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has been exposing offshore firms. A goliath leak of more than 11.5 million monetary and lawful records uncovered a framework that empowers wrongdoing, debasement, and bad behavior, concealed by secret seaward organizations. This ICIJ data contains data on in excess of 810,000 seaward companies that are important for the Pandora Papers, Paradise Papers, Bahamas Leaks, Panama Papers, and Offshore Leaks examinations. The records cover over 80 years up to 2020 and connect to individuals and organizations in excess of 200 nations and regions.

The CEO of YieldNodes, Stefan Hoermann & the company Exceptional Media Ltd are on the lists of ICIJ. It is a great concern for the investors because if the CEO of a company is doing something wrong then what will happen to the investors?


Yield Nodes Conclusion

In reality, there is a big problem that we see on YieldNodes by Stefan Hoermann. They are offering securities. This implies they should register under appropriate financial controllers. More than 40% of their traffic is from the USA. So they should get a certificate from the SEC and they are not. They likewise have users from different nations. So they should get registration from those nations too.

The profits on masternoding are somewhat fixed (in rate terms), and the portfolio is extremely adjusted, which assists with relieving risk. Your assets are at a high gamble. However, there is no capital assurance. There is an inborn gamble in holding digital forms of money since they vary in esteem against government-issued types of money like the US Dollar and the Euro. When cryptocurrency value plummets, then this has a significant impact on the value of investments and the net returns.

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  1. Yieldnodes isn’t a regulated company. Therefore, they can shut the business anytime leaving investors behind. I am from the US & I warn my fellow countrymen not to fall for this Yield Nodes.

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