XE Trader Review! Is it a scam? – Copy Buffett Comparison

Finally, XE Trader, the world’s most accurate currency pair trend indicator, and signal robot have been launched after long waiting. Xe Trader brought into the market by the world’s largest privately owned Binary Options trader education company OptionXE. Following nearly three years of active business, the XE Trader platform is the successor to the world’s first Binary Options robot, the Option Bot 2 trend indicator. It is not an application but a trading platform. This is because you can run several programs within the platform including third-party applications. 


Option Bot 2 was first launched in 2012 by OptionXE company. Can you really count how many scam software came into the Binary Options industry and how many still exist?. Well, I can count only one and that is OptionBot 2 because the company behind the robot is legit and their software is still dominating the market. Well even though the ITM performance of Option Bot is relatively pretty high but the requirement to gain access to the robot by signing multiple brokers prevented many traders from availing the robot. We are glad to learn the same platform is available now with a single broker registration and you have the freedom to choose your broker. See Xe Trader live to trade below.


Features at a glance:  

*Signals for 15 Major Currency Pairs. 

*Push Signals across all Assets. 

*Copy Trade Signals. 

*SMS/Cell Phone Alerts. 

*Economic Trading Calendar. 

*Market Opening/Closing Alarm Clock. 

*Accurate & formable Price Charts. 

*Custom Daily settings on current Market conditions. 

*Embedded Traders Insight Videos. 

*Video Bulletins. 

*Live Support 24/7 

OptionXE has taken all the tools they use not only for identifying daily trades but also what they use to train the Traders on how to trade the market effectively. The Xe Trader platform is more than a trading tool but a service that will help you to win more trades. Many scam software on the market sells you dreams to be a Millionaire even in a couple of weeks. But if you go to Xe Trader’s platform and look at the FAQ section you will notice there is clearly written that they are unable to guarantee you that you earn Tons of money rather show you the path to be a Pro trader. 

We have been trading with Binbot Pro since 2017 and getting a little consistent profit. BinBot Pro has a series of trading robots. According to your investment amount you can join any robot and start profiting. Bin Bot Pro is the world’s only software that allows traders worldwide. Therefore, you can join from the USA, Canada, and the rest of the world. We have earned 100K profit recently. You can try this awesome trading app.

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2 thoughts on “XE Trader Review! Is it a scam? – Copy Buffett Comparison

  1. Tammara Tibolla / February 15, 2016 at 12:12 am

    Xe Trader is the production of Option Expert company. I have used their Option Bot 2 and still doing. I will try this XeTrader automated robot. Seems pretty good software

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  2. I joined XE Trader through your blog. I’m really getting good results and Option Xe is guiding me about market updates. Thnx Man. Awesome

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