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Virtual Income

Virtual Income Scam Review Proven Facts

Read this important Review about Virtual Income before you sign up with this Scam, we will try to expose the facts, why you shouldn’t be convinced of the fake promises. It is a very funny statement to tell someone who you will earn $10,812 every day doing absolutely nothing with this Virtual Income System. The people who spread these types of scams say that you only need to trade a few minutes a day and earn that amount each and every day. The Virtual Income system is a nasty scam and fake.Virtual Income

The first question came to our mind that why the owner of the Virtual Income software claims that traders will make $2500 in daily profits where they initially stated the amount $10,812! The success rate mentioned in the Virtual Income App promotional video is fake and not realistic. In reality, no binary options trading software can make that amount of money in a single day, no matter how accurate the software is. We got a few emails from our subscribers that they signed up with this Virtual Income robot with $250 and lost all within just 48 hours.

They are saying that Virtual Income Software will make you guaranteed profits no matter what happens to the binary options or forex industry. We all know that the money market is unpredictable and nothing is guaranteed. Even often fundamentals or public sentiment moves the market. There are good and bad days in binary options trading. Expert traders try to keep the winning ratio over the loss ratio on bad days. So how Virtual Income guarantees to make money even in bad days!

The owner of the Virtual Income App has not appeared in the video. If he tries to be mysterious and doesn’t seem in front of the camera then why should we trust him? If his software can make a good amount of money, then he should appear on the screen and proud of his invention. So this software system is fake and bogus for sure.

He says that Virtual Income software trades Forex, Stock, and Commodities yet he claims that his software is based on binary options. Which statement would you believe? It clears that the developers have no such knowledge about Forex or binary options. He is just a voice over actor who was reading the given script his producer handed him.

They claim that soon they will go public and they will be offering their IPO (first Public Offering). We searched over the internet and found nothing about the IPO offering related to Virtual Income. The only information we found is their website (which is very new) and some fake blog review about their software. Those blogs are not trustworthy and they promote each and every binary software.

Verdict: Virtual income is a Scam.

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