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VIRTNEXT Review : Virtnext Proven And Tested!! Virtnext Scam

Virtnext Scam Review  

 Virtnext is a new Binary Options Autotrader. We are sure that you have not heard the name of the software yet because it has just released in public with a limited registration. Virtnext Automated software developed by Virtnext Investments Ltd. And the precise details about this company was revealed today after the draft prospectus filed with the American Authorities. The IPO(Initial Public Offering) will be completed over the next two weeks. That means that for a few more days, every citizen in the world can buy shares of this company but the truth is it starts at least 15,000$ in minimum buy!

Virtnext auto trader can generate profits up to 18,000$ per week.Virt Next has only lost money once in 1478 trading sessions (equal to 4 years plus). Rest all those sessions were profitable. The Virtnext is an Algo-trading software system which uses existing infrastructure and extremely fast, supercomputers to buy and sell assets, currencies, and futures in the financial markets. They do it throughout the course of the daily trading session based on the Algorithms written by the company’s programmers. According to their prospectus, Virtnext’s total revenue in 2014 was 723 Million Dollars, an increase of 11% over 2013 and 37% over 2012. Net income was 207$ million.

The virtnext company tried to go public once before. But they ended up canceling their IPO after Author Michael Lewis who wrote ”Liars Poker” and ”Moneyball”, the baseball movie starring Brad Pitt published a new book called ”Flash Boys”. In that book, Lewis accused Algorithmic Trading of creating a kind of secret online depository of ‘Insider Information’, using their speed technology that allowed certain companies to get information and pricing milliseconds before it reaches the rest of the market. The issue quickly became a hot topic of conversation and the authorities began investigating the industry. For that reason, virtnext, despite its amazing results, decided to cancel the IPO. So now a year has passed since the scandal broke down and the authorities have not taken any steps against Algo-Trading companies so Virtnext Investments Ltd. has decided to go public with the IPO offerings.

The virtnext system uses supercomputers that are faster than the others who have discovered characteristics about market behaviors that others don’t know or have the idea to take advantage of them. In the case of Algo-Trading, this activity is perfectly legal even it does give an advantage of some over others because this method differs from those used by firms and people who have been caught benefiting from insider trading. So using all these methods Virtnext Investments Ltd. Made the software and launched in public.

 Virtnext Software

We dig a little deeper about the Virtnext software and find the CEO of the company Vincent Bollore is a real person. We find his Bio in Forbes magazine. Check the below link for Vincent Bollore profile on Forbes magazine.  

We contacted Michael Freeman, the biggest name in the binary options industry, he was a beta tester for VirtNext robot Software System for more than a month and he has confirmed that the software is legit. Michael recommends it. We also found articles about VirtNext on Yahoo Finance, CNBC, Fortune, Bloomberg and more. We provided some screenshot of the news on this page.

Three of the biggest binary blogs recommends the Virtnext Software System. Binaryoptionswatchdog, Objectivebinaryoptions, and Those sites come highly recommended in the binary options industry for their honest and unbiased approach to all binary trading software being released as well as reviews on binary brokers.
We analyzed their promotional and testimonial videos and found no fake actors/actresses there. We checked their pictures in and couldn’t find them as hired people.                                


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