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Validus By Howard Friend Scam Review | A Chain Fraud Team Exposed!


Welcome to this exceptional Validus scam review. Team Validus is a project created in August 2021 and has rapidly expanded throughout Europe and Asia. It is an evolution of previous scam projects by Howard Friend. This entity promotes itself as a digital marketing company, established in the United Arab Emirates with headquarters in Dubai. It is truly promoting and marketing a subscription model that provides valuable information to invest and earn money in the world of digital trends. Learn more about this Validus review to know how safe it is to invest in it.

This time we will analyze the Validus website. Is Validus a scam? Is it advisable to invest money with this company? Should we trust Validus? Don’t worry, we will help you determine if it is a reliable company or not. We have extensive experience in the analysis of investment companiesWe will check the critical features of Team Validus. Characteristics that every investor must take into account before investing with the broker. Pay attention. We will give you our opinion about this company.

Validus Review

The CEO of this company is Howard Friend. Basically, you buy an educational pack, they offer you a kind of training, they block your money for 14 months, they offer you a weekly return of between 2-3%, that is, about 20% per month and 120% annual, not counting the compound interest, which they promote and encourage. They will tell you that so you can earn more money, but the reality is that it is so that the money continues with them. Anyone who understands business or investment knows that, although these returns are lower than other barbarities we have seen in other scams that I have brought to the channel, these are also impossible to maintain. And whoever tells you otherwise, will end up stealing your money. Similar scam Cancri Jewelry

When you want to invest your money in new options and digital platforms, such as Team Validus, you must collect as much information about it as possible. Only in this way is it possible for you to have an overview of its security and reliability. In the case of Validus, there are certain aspects that you cannot ignore. That is an alert about how safe and reliable this platform is.

Relationship with OneCoin & AuLives

OneCoin was a Ponzi scheme. OneCoin was a Ponzi conspire that was being advanced as a digital currency with workplaces in Bulgaria called OneCoin Ltd (enrolled in Dubai) and OneLife Network Ltd (enlisted in Belize). A scam in the world of cryptocurrencies for approximately 4 billion dollars. Its creators claimed that OneCoin was going to be the great revolution. Called the currency the “Bitcoin Killer”. Promising to make everyone who invested in cryptocurrencies rich. In reality, Validus is somewhat related to OneCoin. The team was also involved in the creation of OneCoin. Validus, on its social networks, also talks about the acquisition of Aulives. Another scam was created by Parwiz Daud and Mansour Tawafi. Both of them were part of the OneCoin team and are now promoters of Validus.

Validus Scam Review

Team Validus Conclusion

Finally, we have decided to add Validus to our blacklist of scam Schemes. In reality, Everything indicates that it is another scam by Howard Friend. Therefore, We recommend not opening their emails. Don’t answer the phone if a Validus agent calls you. Notify your family and acquaintances about this scam. In addition to all the negative characteristics mentioned above, Validus already has numerous complaints on the internet. Customers commenting on negative experiences. It is an unregulated company with a negative reputation. European regulators have added this company to their blacklist.

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