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We are getting many emails from the past few weeks about a new automated Binary Options software named Trend Trader and is Trend Trader Scam or legit. It took one week to gather some vital information about the Trend Trader Software. Most of you may not have heard about that Auto Trader because they are not advertised heavily over the internet or in any media. So let’s have a look at the software’s Ins and out.

Software Name: Trend Trader
Official Website: www.trendtrader.c0 
CEO: Jonathan Miller
Niche: Binary Options
Price: Free with Broker Registration

trend trader
History of Trend Trader Software:
Trendtrader was first introduced by its CEO Jonathan Miller a couple of years ago & he was in search of making a good & profitable Autotrader. But his attempt was a failure due to some technical problem. So he had been consistently working to develop the system with the help of some Wallstreet professionals and system analyst in order to improve the trend trader app to deliver good results. Recently they announced that they found the solution and fixed all the difficulties. They claim that Trend Trader application can generate 600$-800$ per day.

How Does the TrendTrader software work?
They mainly focussed of an asset’s trend as the trend repeats yearly, monthly, weekly and even daily. The software integrated with databases and has access to the past records of all assets, trends, and charts of the past. It actually relies of ‘repetitive Pattern’ of a trend as the trend repeats often. Get a better idea about that by looking at the below chart.

Trend Trader

Trend Trader Negative sides:
Our observation found some negative sides of that software:
***The anchor who represented the software is a hired person from Fiverr.

***Like the other Autotrader website, pop-ups show that there are ‘Few spots left’ or they are giving out the software for ‘Free’!

***They claim that Trend Trader software is the best-automated software in the Binary options industry, which we strongly disagree because there are some other Autotraders which can deliver a good ITM rate.

***Trend Trader can deliver 93% success rate, which is unbelievable. In binary options, a 75% success rate is good enough to earn good profit.

***Showing bank account balance is a sign of Scam.

          Well, we also understand that these ‘fluffs’ is a way of the advertising process moreover when they are in a competitive Binary Options industry.

Trend Trader Positive sides:
We found some positive sides also:

***We requested Keith, director of Option Expert to test the software and upload his feedback on that. He uploaded a few Live videos of his trading experience.

***Like we all know that Binary Options Watchdog is a reputed site in Binary Options industry, which analyzes and review new Financial products. They endorsed it as a profit-generating software and recommended it.

Conclusion: Trend Trader

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binbot pro bin bot pro

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  1. I have joined Trend Trader last week with a small deposit. My ITM ratio is 72% so far. Not bad but expectation was a bit higher. Sent you a Facebook friend request Doctor. If you get time then accept it. I wanna learn and be a Pro trader like you.

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  2. Trend Trader is a result oriented software. Trend is friend u said it right. I’m going to join today.

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  3. Trend Trader has become very popular software here in Germany. We are getting good results by using it.

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