The Pearson Method is a SCAM! Honest Software Review

The Pearson Method Review

There is almost every day a new software release which claims that their software can generate up to  98% ITM. Also, can make millions of dollars within a short period. It has been a common scenario recently. Almost same presentations that they discovered a secret method that can generate high success rate. Supposedly make you a millionaire even within a month or less. After that, they show some testimonial videos, where people praise their system and thank them. They show their bank statements which show a balance of millions, even billions in those Bank accounts. These common things you will actually find in those promotional videos or on their websites. 

The Pearson Method

Fake Balance

The Pearson Method software is the same as others. At the beginning of the promotional video, they show someone counting plenty of cash to make you psychologically fall for their system. The claim that they discovered a scientific method that can generate 120$ Dollar in every 60 seconds. Well, we did not find any science related to Forex or Financial market. Seemed a funny joke to us. As we know, the 60 seconds trades can compare to pure gambling. No analysis can guarantee a 60 seconds trade will win. But The Pearson Method guarantees 98% success rate in 60 seconds trade. Would you believe that! 

Now another interesting thing we found, that The Pearson Method software and Trade Sniper both software are the same. In order to cheat people, they named the same Scam software a different name and marketed to multiply their fraud activities. You can have a look below for the justification of my words. So do not fall for this type of scam software, and lose your hard-earned money. 

The Pearson Method

Pearson Method

Trade Sniper

Trade Sniper

They then try to make you fool by saying that you have only ten minutes to register or else they cannot guarantee your spot, as the demand of the software is extremely high. Can you calculate if you make 120$ in every minute how much money can you make in a day and do you think it is possible? Guys, if the software works so well the entire planet will be rich. You would see Donald Trump using it or Warren Buffet would be using it. This would be the number one leading money-making machine and you could be rich overnight. They say it is a free software they are giving away people for free of cost.

But the truth is, the moment you enter your name and email address, they will assign you a Binary Options  Broker. Now that broker is not licensed, not legit, and unregulated. And the broker will tell you that the software is completely free, but to open up the software or run the software you need to open up a trading account and deposit 250$ or more. That is how they are going to get you.

In reality, once you deposit your money to that account, say goodbye to your money because you are never going to see a dime of it later. So, what about the people in the testimonial video claims that they are earning huge profits? Well, they are on-screen actors/ actress from You can hire someone from Fiverr in exchange for 5$ bucks and they will say whatever you want them to say in front of the camera.

Please do not fall for this Scam software named The Pearson Method.

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  1. I fell for this Pearson Method scam and lost all my money. Wish I could find your site earlier! Keep up the good work Doctor.

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  2. Pearson shit I must say

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