The Millionaire Bot | 2016 Millionaire Bot Scam Review

The Millionaire Bot Review

The Millionaire Bot is not a new binary options Auto Trader. It first launched in February 2015. Since then it has relaunched every single month. The last relaunch was 1st January 2016 by the name of ”2016 Millionaire Bot”. Now they are advertising heavily over the internet, social media, and email. So we decided to write a review for our readers and subscribers.

James Robinson, CEO of the millionaire bot promises that this software can generate 13,425$ every day. It’s a bit confusing because only scam software providers make this type of imaginary promises. They say only 9 spots are left to register. Well, their production video launched in February 2015 and still, it shows a few spots left although a year has already passed! The millionaire bot software can turn a 250$ first deposit to 93,000$ in a month! Would you believe that! Binary Options trading consist of high risk and no one can ‘Guarantee’ you win such amount.

In that millionaire bot production video, they show fake bank account snapshots, the photo of luxury houses and fancy cars, vacations, girls with bikinis testimonials that don’t seem real at all. In fact, we found some of the actors in Fiverr. They can do anything in front of the camera for 5$ bucks. Overall production video of millionaire bot seems pretty cheap. One such system calls itself ”The Millionaire Bot” and touts that it can make you $13,425 per day? This is the tactics to scam people and banish their money in a few days.

In the production video of the millionaire bot system, they didn’t clarify how the millionaire bot software works and generate such huge amount of money. The Millionaire Bot robot claims that the users can earn millions without knowing a little thing about binary options trading. Without having any idea or concept how can the binary traders just trade blindly? The reason millionaire bot scam system says that the traders don’t need any experience because they need easy prey that may become an easy victim for them. A knowledgeable trader will never fall into this trap so easily, so these professional scammers don’t need binary options trader who understands the basic concepts of binary options trading. Expert traders know all the critical aspects of trading and they are the ones who ask the ”why and how to” questions.

The Millionaire Bot is a SCAM and no doubt about it.

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3 thoughts on “The Millionaire Bot | 2016 Millionaire Bot Scam Review

  1. Robby Dallachy / January 10, 2016 at 4:14 pm

    I know this site provides quality articles or reviews about new products and other information, is there any other website which
    gives such things in quality?

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  2. The millionaire bot is a scam. one of my friend used the software and lose her money within 8 hours. what a lame scam!

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  3. The Millionaire Bot is an old scam system which has been changing it’s name and relaunching every now and then. Stay safe my beloved traders. Hats off to Binary Doctor.

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