The Amissio Formula Scam Review – Amissio Formula Alert! Proven

The Amissio Formula binary options software has just launched in the forex trading industry. It has developed by Craig Phillips, founder, and CEO of Amissio Holdings. In this review of The Amissio Formula, we will show you some points that show that this software is a scam.

The Amissio Formula
What is The Amissio Formula?

Craig Phillips, CEO of the Amissio Formula says that eight years ago, he quit his job as a senior trading supervisor at one of the top investment banks in the world. Four of his colleagues who were the top traders also followed him and left their job. Together they made the AmissioFormula trading software.

According to Craig Phillip’s speech, the Amissio Formula is a no loss trading software that hasn’t lost a single trade within the past two years. This TheAmissioFormula App can make $50,000 to $200,000 every week to each trader. Every beta testers of The Amissio Formula made at least a million dollars in 2014. Now they are opening doors for a new group of 50 people to join this software for free!

The Amissio Formula: Our Findings

According to Craig Phillip, he started his own company named Amissio Holdings in 2008. We searched over the internet and unable to find such a company with the CEO named Craig Phillip in the USA. The only Amissio Holdings we found is a company registered in Cyprus from 2010. It’s not an investment company and thus it has no connection with forex trading.  In the promotional video, Craig Phillips shows his supposedly new account growing from the starting deposit of $250 to $6750 in just one trading day.

But the problem is that the Amissio Formula app shows profits of $6750, so together with the first deposit the last balance on the trading account should be $7000 (6750 + 250). It clearly proves that the statement was fake. They even have no idea about how a broker calculates the profit.

The Amissio Formula

They say their software has not lost a single trade since 2014. Would you believe that? Binary options trading is all about keeping the winning ratio higher than the loss ratio. You must have to lose some trades in binary trading regularly. In another place, they claim their software has a 90% ITM ratio. So which of their words will you believe?

Review verdict: The Amissio Formula is a SCAM.

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3 thoughts on “The Amissio Formula Scam Review – Amissio Formula Alert! Proven

  1. Eusebio Witterstauter / March 17, 2016 at 10:38 am

    Don’t register with The Amissio Formula. I lost my balance within three days! Damn

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  2. I got email invitation to join this Amissio Formula Software. Deposited with them and that’s the last time I got scammed. Damn!

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  3. Herbert Halaliky / March 29, 2016 at 4:45 am

    Well Done Doctor for the Amissio Formula review! This type of SCAM SITE is promoted by ignorant Software Marketers who don’t have a bloody clue about Binary Options! They presumably gain commission on take-ups! Keep up the good work, repeat Reviews at intervals to ensure your Recommendations are still valid.

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