TeslaCoin 2022 SCAM Review! Is Tesla Coin TES By Elon Musk?


Welcome to our Authentic Teslacoin scam review. TeslaCoin is supposedly a token created by the car company Tesla. It is supposedly backed by Elon Musk, the billionaire tycoon. He sometimes talks about his attraction to cryptocurrencies. The token has a web platform. It shows how it is generating money with its passive investment. Also, the supposed website agents ask the user to enter their email and phone number for more information on this topic.

In reality, Tesla has nothing to do with TeslaCoin. TeslaCoin isn’t an Elon Musk venture. The fraudsters didn’t pick Tesla aimlessly, among any of Musk’s organizations they might have caricatured. There was a cryptocurrency called TeslaCoin (TES). It was established back in 2010 and is currently dead. It is not functional since 2017. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of name recognition to brand their made-up new platform. TeslaCoin review is definitely not a reliable or functional automated trading robot. In fact, there is no reliable exchanging robot at all! It is merely a website that has been copied. Moreover, it is now being peddled online by affiliate websites and press release companies. There are no signals or trading dashboards for that matter.  With a sensible venture of $250, traders might begin procuring huge benefits with TeslaCoin. Continue perusing this interesting Teslacoin scam review & know the truth!

TeslaCoin Review

Teslacoin is in the investment stage. It trades for the benefit of individuals with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano. The stage guarantees that it utilizes AI for profitable trading opportunities. Then, at that point, opens a position utilizing assets from the client’s trading accounts. At the conclusion of each transaction, all money(including winnings) is credited back to the member’s trading account. Rather than having the record balance in real money, Tesla Coin transforms them naturally into the digital currency Teslacoin (TES). This indicates that they credit the account at the price of TES. Thus dealers stand to benefit assuming the cost of TES increments.

There was a cryptocurrency name TeslaCoin. Not to mention, its value has come down to zero now. However, the crooks are clever and are riding the reputation and media gossip this crypto has created. They have launched their own little scheme and called it the TeslaCoin review stage. Instead of integrating with an API key to a coin exchange such as Kraken or Bitfinex, the integration is with unlicensed CFD brokers like “I Trade Capital”.

Fake News Article

The way we found out about Tesla Coin, was through an article! That looks like it was published in The Mirror. It tells the story of TeslaCoin. Furthermore, it says how it works and what you have to do to start using it. It even features an interview with Elon. Not to mention, the article is completely fake. The only real address of The Mirror is mirror.co.uk. If you look in the address bar of your internet browser when reading the article about Tesla Coin, you will see something else. It won’t be the official URL of The Mirror. You can clearly see that the report is counterfeit. In reality, it is not from the real Mirror article.


Likewise, be careful with other phony articles replicating different media. Fraudsters tend to publish several versions of their fake article abusing different famous brands in the media world. One thing is for sure, no positive report about the TeslaCoin scam is real. The whole project is a total scam. On a side note, there are many Bitcoin scams involving Musk, and one, in particular, grabbed our attention. There was an article on the BBC that talked about how a school teacher named Julie Bushnell was conned out of over £9,000. Overwhelmed by a fake article, this Sussex native thought she would invest in Bitcoin. Therefore, she could double her investment within a short time. We also saw phony news articles featuring Mark Cuban and Keanu Reeves.


Tesla Coin Scam Review

According to the site, the price of Tesla could go from $0.017 to almost $6,300 by the end of June 2022. With TeslaCoin, it has been said that with a deposit of $250, a user can earn up to $5,100 every week. That seems highly unlikely. This has raised questions about the credibility of the platform.  The TeslaCoin review platform is allegedly automatic. Therefore, people can buy, sell and store the crypto. Although the platform boasts of advanced trading features, the platform’s claim of earning up to $5,100 seems fictional.

Additionally, the platform lists endorsements from Peter Theil and Richard Branson on its website. But there is no way to verify that these investors have discussed TeslaCoin. The name of the platform developers would have convinced more users to sign up for the site. There is no evidence linking this coin to the Tesla company owned by Mr. Elon. However, many people confuse the security of trading websites with their ability to make you money. You should understand that any business involves risk. No one can guarantee that you will earn from it and that you should start trading at your own risk. Similar fraud Cancri


In reality, TeslaCoin is a fake cryptocurrency created by scammers. It doesn’t have any connection with Tesla, Elon Musk, or some other extremely rich person. The entire venture is a fantasy determined to persuade you to send cash to fraudsters who will hold it and never procure you anything. You have to stay away from it. Musk or Tesla have not developed any cryptocurrency. Every cryptocurrency pretending to be his creation is a scam that you have to avoid.

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