Saffa Method | Aussie Method Scam Review

Saffa Method:

Saffa Method software just released in secretly in the Binary Options industry. It’s an Autotrader works completely on autopilot. Put your wallets away because you don’t have to spend a dime to use this Autotrader. The software makers promise that if this software can’t make one hundred thousand dollars within just a month they will pay you a refund of 10 thousand dollars! Sounds awesome right? Actually, this is nothing but a trick to invite people to fall for this fake system.

Official website: www.saffamethod.c0m

Saffa Method

Below we attach two pictures of the fake 10 thousand dollar refund guarantee certificate. Do you find any similarity between two pictures? Yes, the same guarantee certificate they used to cheat people for the Aussie Method scam. Only the software names are different. Yes, the Aussie Method scammers came back with another scam software named Saffa Method. This is how they have been cheating people and robbing your hard-earned money. In the twenty minutes long promotional video they were busy showing their Bank accounts which show millions of dollars in their bank account. There is not a single word describing how their Binary options software works.

Saffa MethodSaffa Method
Even they made some testimonial videos with the same Fiverr actor/actress! All of them are paid actors who can lie in front of the camera for the exchange of 5 Dollars. If those testimonials are true, then why these actors still working in Fiverr! They said they are only looking for twenty people and then they will shut their website and there will be no registrations. Well, how long it takes to include twenty people! Or why did they have to open a website and advertising to find 20 people! They showed screenshots of Bank Of America account where the balance showed millions of dollars. Well, guys what you should do when you earned that such amount of money? Will you keep that as idle or invest somewhere or buy things. The whole video was all about how they make millions of dollars and busy showing their bank account balances.

You may think why we are updating these types of boring articles very often. Well, guys if a single person read our review and save him/her to fall for this type of scam software then we would be happy. Admin fell for this type scam and lost thousands when he was a newbie to Binary Options trading. Then he made this website and work as a volunteer to guide people not to fall for any lame scam.

Verdict: Saffa Method is a Scam.

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  1. Aussie Methode betrogen Menschen vor . Jetzt withh saffa Verfahren kamen sie ? Oh mein Gott! Betrüger sind überall und bringen neue Betrügereien Alltag

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    Hi there everyone, it’s my first pay a visit at this web page, and post is genuinely fruitful for
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