Qubittech By Greg Limon SCAM Review! Another MLM Pyramid Scheme?


Welcome to the Qubittech scam review. The QubitTech review by a gathering of free specialists in algorithmic and standard strategies for investing, along with recognized experts in the field of advancement and organization of electronic frameworks with broad experience from the customary monetary business sectors. QubitTech utilizing Margin Trading Contract and Trading Robot benefit up to 4% consistently.

We can’t add Qubittech scam site into our rundown of prescribed venture resources due to the reasons we have featured in this review. Qubittech scam review originally seemed online in June 2020. Greg Limon claims the organization, however, others are additionally with him. The site professed to offer Cryptocurrency contributing through margin agreements and exchanging by means of API.

Qubit Tech CEO is Greg Limon. He declares himself a “master” in the arena of Security Token Offering (STO). He likewise declares as the co-founder of DigiMax Global. Amusingly, Limon’s name doesn’t show up anyplace on DigiMax’s site. The way that DigiMax Global isn’t doing excessively well (to say the least) is another motivation to question Limon.

QubitTech office location includes a spot in Estonia while the CEO, Greg Limon is from Toronto. Obviously, something is out of order. Maybe Qubit Tech’s Estonian location is bogus. No real MLM organization would distort its location.


QubitTech Review

QubitTech review is supposedly a computerized environment that will be founded on blockchain innovations. It isn’t live or in testing, just the whitepaper is there at the time we distribute this review. The blockchain supposedly will utilize two advanced tokens: QST and QDT. QST will be utilized for monetary repayment and QDT will be utilized to pull in extra liquidity to the biological system. Eventually, QubitTech review framework is apparently intended to turn into a computerized bank and a financial stage.

Other than that, QubitTech is likewise offering exchanging signals. Therefore, you can utilize a free robot and purchase 2 paid robots. QubitTech likewise ought to have a trade and a gaming stage. Clients will get a unique cell phone that is amazingly secure. The greater part of the previously mentioned things are just on paper, yet presently, QubitTech as of now has an exceptional venture offer looking like computerized licenses.

When buying these digital licenses, you purportedly will get up to a 25% month-to-month profit from your venture. The base speculation is 100 USD. We didn’t discover a clarification about how these electronic licenses should produce such a lot of benefits. QubitTech will utilize your cash for exchanging digital currencies. Things being what they are, is QubitTech scam or a genuine speculation opportunity?


How Does Qubittech Work?

To uphold enlistments and new ventures, QubitTech utilizes a series of commissions and rewards. It pays remaining reference commissions, therefore, coordinating rewards to offshoots who have kept a high speculation downline and a high reference base. That is, actually affiliate partnership. Justifiably, organizations need to arrange to create. In any case, when systems administration is nearly being” constrained” on financial backers, a scam can be smelt. For what reason would QubitTech intensely boost reinvestment and enlistment on the off chance that it’s anything but a scam? Similar scam Daisy AI


How does QubitTech continue feeding financial backers? It essentially rearranges assets with the guide of Unilevel and the parallel plan of action for its users. These models place a subsidiary in a group with each enlisted offshoot set under them down a limitless number of levels. With these models, QubitTech makes the hallucination of income among its affiliates.

Being an aloof speculation opportunity, Qubit Tech is a security advertising. However, QubitTech gives no confirmation that it has any enlistment with any of the Securities and Exchange Commissions in any ward it is looking for the venture from. Basically, Ponzi plans take cash from numerous and offer it to few. They rely upon new ventures, and when new speculation stops, they crash. So will QubitTech.


Fake trading: SCAM Review

QubitTech guarantees 25% monthly profit from their licenses which are supported by God knows what. That number alone is a tremendous warning in light of the fact that the best venture offer will achieve that number in one year while this unknown plan QubitTech needs you to accept they will do that consistently. Qubit Tech guarantees that as of now, they are accomplishing 0.84% day by day, which relates to those guaranteed 25%/month.

In addition, they have a subsidiary program that can procure you several percent on stores made by your references across 12 levels. So QubitTech would need to make much over 25% routinely in exchange, which is ridiculous. No genuine organization can do that consistently. This implies that QubitTech is a scam. It’s absolutely impossible. 25% a month is run of the mill for scams that are holing up behind phony digital currencies, counterfeit exchanging robots, and monster pyramid structures. Bitconnect was the main huge misrepresentation of this sort and QubitTech is only a development of it.



All things considered, we end up with loads of solid proof proposing that Qubittech.ai is a scam. The scam is straightforward. They set up a site with the assistance of individuals who have a type of involvement with this game. They gather income in Cryptocurrency by professing to restore passive ROI of up to 250%. It obviously have counterfeit reviews or input from destinations like TrustPilot. In the event that you search reviews on Google, that adulterated reviews will come up first in quite a while.

A MLM doesn’t have a real method of producing returns. They are neither exchanging nor selling items and in the event that they did, they could never impart benefits to you.

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  1. They are heartless scammers. I invested $USD 15,000.00 and later aggravated it to $USD 95,980.00. I requested $USD 57,000.00 to be paid to my Bank account. They declined numerous times and finally blocked me. I am finished now. I warn everyone not to invest in such scams.

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