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Push Money App Scam Review ; Unbiased Software Review !!!

Push Money App

Push Money App is a new scam system recently launched in the binary options industry. We would like to ask our valued readers and subscribers to read this review very carefully before you sign up with this Push Money App software. Their promotional video is a costly production highly convincing to make people fall for it. But finally, we are marking this as a scam.
We couldn’t find a single positive sign in relation to the push money app auto trader. The information we found about the software indicates that Push Money App software is a dangerous scam. 

Push Money App: Truth or Lie?

The founders of PushmoneyApp.c0m alleged Dennis Moreland & Mike Callahan say that their software can make $5000 within just 5 minutes! The Push money App runs completely on autopilot and executes 60 seconds expiry trades. They claim that their software can make you a millionaire within a short time with a push of a button. Their sales pitch video is so convincing and seems realistic. Dennis Moreland promises that if their system doesn’t make any money, they’ll write a check for $1000 to the trader who signs up with them. They first add some beta testers to test their revolutionary Push Money App robot in February 2015. All the beta testers have made at least $500k and after successful beta testing, they launched the app in public. They claim that they have an established company named ”Push Button Company”.

The Push Money App: Doctor’s findings

First of all, we searched for the company named Push Button Company and unable to find it on the internet. Even there is no real person related to that software named Dennis Moreland & Mike Callahan. We even searched on social media’s like Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube, but the results remained the same. According to, their website registered on 9th January 2016. Therefore, how can they claim that their Push Money App system made millions in 2015! So the beta testers story is a fake.

We always discourage the traders to trade with a 60 second expiry time. It’s like flipping a coin in a Casino. No stock charts, indicators, fundamentals can guarantee a trade to be a winner within 60 seconds. It can drain all your money within hours, even in minutes. So, we don’t recommend you to sign up with any trading software that can drain your hard-earned money within a short time.

The brokers associated with Push Money App Autotrader are not legit and regulated by any authorities. Therefore, if you deposit money to one of their nominated brokers, you won’t be able to withdraw even a dime from your brokerage account.

Doctor’s Verdict: The Push Money App is a scam.

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