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Is The Passive Income Bot Scam or legit? Read our Passive Income Bot Review to know the truth.  Binary Options Trading has turned out to be a standout amongst the most favored financial trading on the planet today. Numerous investors from around the globe have demonstrated their advantage and positive approach towards financial trading. The reason is very straightforward, pain-free income. Be that as it may, what makes it so dependable is the product that acts as a platform for the merchant to interface with the financial market.

This product is these days imitated by numerous con artists around the globe. They befuddle the merchants and take their well-deserved cash. The traders as well, fall into their traps in the wake of getting befuddled. And above all, persuaded by the con artists by means of their traps through the trading robot. Passive Income Bot is no exception. It’s an average scam that was made to rip you off.

Passive Income Bot – A Nasty Scam!

The person on the business video for Passive Income Bot cases to be Carl Razinski who is an MIT maverick who earns over $50,000 every month. What an outright joke this software is. It’s unmistakable to us, it’s yet another scam the same to Click Money System and Electoral Profits. These are 2 different tricks that as of late propelled. This framework guarantees you can make a fortune and you should simply join and deposit to a broker they assign. Do this and you’ll make 50 thousand a month. No doubt, right! We mean truly, to what extent is this scam going to continue returning. The trick hasn’t changed at all in the previous 2 years, yet sadly, individuals continue to succumb to it.

Passive Income Bot

So what’s the genuine truth here and how does the scam function? It begins with you going to the Passive Income Bot Website and viewing the video that states how you can profit. On the off chance that you choose to test it out, you’ll need to join a broker they assign you. The base deposit is $250 in spite of the fact that you’ll generally be urged to store for additional.

Once you’ve made the deposit, you’ll have the capacity to utilize the Passive Income Bot. This Bot will place trades for you with the goal that you don’t need to consider what to exchange. At this point, you ought to, as per their business video be profiting, yet in all actuality, you won’t. Truth be told, inside a couple of hours or a couple days at most, you’ll sign into your account and find that you have zero cash there. In reality, the “Passive Income Bot” will have actually exchanged away your cash to no end!

ASAF WEINSTEIN! – The Scammer Behind This SCAM!  Shocking Review!!

If you read Binary Options Blogs regularly, then you may have visited a website named The owner of that blog is a guy called Patrick. We used to like him a lot as he has been exposed to scam software. You can see his picture on his blog also. A decent looking young man sitting with a smile on his face. In reality, this guy is not Patrick at all! This photo is just a stock image. He has hidden his real identity. Why? Because he promotes scam! Yes, folks, this guy is a real fraudster who has been promoting scams. That is why he never shows his real face on the blog. Many people have lost their hard-earned money by registering the product he promotes.

Passive Income Bot

His real name is ASAF WEINSTEIN. He is from the middle east. Asaf Weinstein is the main man behind this Passive Income Bot. He has released many scam software and made traders lose their cash. We have secretly monitored him and his activities and finally caught him red-handed. Never trust this Patrick AKA Asaf and his binary blog He is an underground scammer. See his real FB id here. Never join this Passive Income Bot scam. We have enclosed some photos which will prove that Patrick is an imaginary blogger and real scammer behind this is ASAF himself.

Passive Income Bot

The Passive Income Bot Testimonials are Fake

The tributes or testimonials that are shown on the official site of Passive Income Bot is thoroughly fake. There is no similarity of the individual appeared in the photo with the product. The photos are presumably taken from elsewhere, which have been altered later on with the assistance of some altering applications. The video testimonials as well, are fake. The general population appeared in the video are altogether on-screen performers. Most likely, all they said just the great things in regards to the product to draw in some different guests who go to the official site.

Review verdict: Passive Income Bot is a nasty SCAM!

Avoid this nasty Passive Income Bot scam and stay away from scammers like Asaf Weinstein AKA Patrick from All his blog posts will lead you, join a scam software.

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  1. Wow! What a disgrace Asaf Weinstein is! Thank you Doctor. I’ll be sure to tell my friends about hims and to avoid this software!

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