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Hello, fellow Binary Options Traders. This is the Option Doctor (O’ Doctor) coming to you from with a review of Option Bot 2. Ladies and gentlemen, I can tell you from experience, Option Bot 2 is probably the best binary options signal provider out there. The software on the site gives daily signals. You can analyze their charts on any pair to see if there is a trend developing. Yes, you do need to do some work on this site. Not all of the signals are catch-able. But when put to the O’ Doctor’s test, it passed with flying colors for multiple reasons.

First, You may have seen many scam software and bots released to the market who were vanished and shut their shop pretty fast because they were exposed as a scam. Option Bot  2 was first released in 2012 and still in the market. It gives a free 7-day trial. The site is very easy to use. Once you sign up, you will be able to choose from multiple brokers to invest in. Most of them will take a modest $200.00 to $300.00 investment. The site is run by Optionxe software. They give you a market update every day to tell you what settings you should put into your Option Bot 2. This will help you know which pairs will be doing well that day. If you work smart and follow the directions given and invest smart, your binary options trading experience will be profitable using this software.

Second, the Analysts at Optionxe are great to work with. They will help you with your trading until you’re good enough to go out on your own. Their analysts will help you set up the Option Bot 2 for maximum outcome.

Third and the last point I have to make is that I used Option Bot 2 and had a 75% to 90% daily success rate using their signals. I would definitely recommend Option Bot 2.0 for people who are new to trading binary options. Its the most accurate binary options signal software. All in all the O’ Doctor gives Option Bot 2 8/10 scalpels. Which is very good, since I only give 10/10 scalpels to sites which wield 100% in the MONEY!

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