Omnia App SCAM! Abstain from Joining!! Review Exposes Fraud!!

Omnia App is the new trading app which is full of bogus guarantees. You don’t know whether you ought to accept what the man in the video says in regards to the Omnia App, and we will clarify the issues with the product in this Omnia App Scam Review.

Omnia App is a fresh scam product, as far as anyone knows made by Matthew Hammersmith and discharged in March 2017. The guy asserts that it could make you gain $237 every hour. In reality, this is only another fraud system which utilizes a similar scam app as a considerable measure of different tricks available. The main contrast with other scams is the promotional video and website design.

What Is Omnia App Review?

Omnia App

The system describes as Omnia App is a recent binary options trading software. The item has designed by Matthew Hammersmith. From the promo video of the stage, clients can comprehend that he is an all-around experienced businessperson who devoted years into planning this framework. Another intriguing truth, identified with the attributes of the Omnia Review Trading Software is that it highlights a stand-out trading calculation which depends on a complex numerical rule which permits the app to make an extremely aggressive progress rate.

Accordingly, the software can procure around $7,250 every day for each of its clients. In reality, we have discovered this data truly impressive and accordingly chose to survey the Omnia Scam Trading System so as to analyze and assess all the accessible data. Therefore, We will identify its starting point, execution, and authenticity.

Matthew Hammersmith: Omnia App Scam CEO!

Omnia App

Actually, Hammersmith is not a genuine man with a genuine organization. He is a fictitious character who has appeared in many scam promotional videos. This person assumed the principal part in a few scams under various names, as Richard Heffner in GPS Trader or Safeguard Trader. Take a gander at the photo to see it. You can, otherwise, check connections to our surveys. He has, additionally, shown up in many fake promotions like Terabit Trader or Satellite Trader. Those fake applications have plundered users well-deserved cash. A similar gathering of fraudsters is behind this Omnia App. In this way, on the grounds that Hammersmith is an old liar, you can’t believe him and you can make sure that Omnia Review is a trick.

Fake Media Appearance! Omnia Scam

Hammersmith claims that he is known as “Mr. Midas” and has been included in Forbes, World Finance, and so on and has appeared up on CNN News and numerous other TV channels.

Of course, We set aside the opportunity to do a ground look on our Mr. Hammersmith. He’s never highlighted in any single media production or showed up on any TV. What’s more, We could discover no data about him with any respects to Omnia Review or whatever else so far as that is concerned. He doesn’t have social networking accounts. So obviously, Mr. Michael Hammersmith is quite recently some poor schmuck from who offer gigs for some bucks.

The Omnia Review: Website Age!

Omnia App

Mr. Hammersmith says that he has been utilizing Omnia Scam since May 2016. Moreover, he goes ahead to disclose to us that the Omnia Scam programming could create near $50,000 from that point forward. We have done an exploration about this claim and what we have found was stunning. The Omnia App site,, has just enlisted in February 2017. This is simply one more misleading information to lure traders to trust this OMNIA APP. Meanwhile, have a look at the picture below for confirmation about the Omnia Website age.

Omnia App Is A SCAM! Abstain from Joining!!

In reality, the Omnia App by Matthew Hammersmith is an old SCAM and a reproduction of the scam App. Our survey has uncovered this Omnia fraud. Finally, we urge you not to join this fraud production.


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