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This Nova App Scam Review demonstrates that it is a scam that misleads binary options traders. It is displayed by Michael Newberry, CEO of Nova Holdings. The Nova App is a binary trading programming that works totally on autopilot. It supposedly can make you $5250 every day. In this analytical Nova App Scam Review, we will prove that Nova App is a SCAM!

Nova App Scam  Review – $5,250 In Profits Per Day!

Michael Newberry claims that he began Nova Trader in 2014 with the mission to figure out the code of profiting through trading. He guarantees he attempted each and every trading. He likewise attempted plenty of technique, yet he never succeeded in rounding up the enormous crash. Therefore, he accumulated “the best Wall Street” investigators and software engineers with a specific end goal to make the most intense binary application on the planet.

Nova App Scam Review

Michael Newberry is going to give you free access to the Nova App that “keep running from home” auto-benefit programming on the planet. He says it’s simpler to introduce and keep running than it is to open a Facebook account and a demonstrated (ensured) strategy that makes more than 5K consistently. As he finishes the demo he indicates how his underlying $250 investment multiplied, and his balance remains at $5000.

Michael Newberry! Scammer & Fraud!!

Michael Newberry is an imaginary character. There is no organization named Nova Holdings with a CEO of this name. The person you find in the video is, in all actuality, an on-screen character who has nothing to do with financial trading. He is not a CEO of Nova Investments App nor a binary trading engineer.

Therefore, we have searched Google to locate Michael Newberry or the Nova App Software but failed. In reality, there is no information about the Nova trading Software or the CEO Michael Newberry. This makes us determined that this guy and his company are fictitious.

Nova App Scam Review – Fake Testimonials

Nova App Scam Review

The regular scam component that is not missing with Nova App Scam, is fake testimonials. They have contracted some paid performers to lie about their involvement with Nova App Scam. You can’t believe a solitary expression of what they say. In reality, they are on-screen characters who are trying to say what they get paid for.

In reality, scammers hire cheap actors from sites like in exchange for $5 bucks. Therefore, the actors act according to the script the scammers give them. This is the sad reality. So, don’t believe these fake testimonials.

100% Accuracy! Nova App

Nova Investments App CEO Michael Newberry claims that Nova Trading Software can predict an asset price with 100% accuracy. In reality, no binary trading application in the world can guarantee 100% accuracy rate. It is because the trading market is volatile and unpredictable. The market often moves dramatically and makes it hard to predict. Therefore, such guarantee is fake and you shouldn’t believe or trust it.

Nova App Scam Review

Another questionable claim is that Nova App Review is overseen by a supercomputer calculation as this would require NASA innovation, which the Nova group surely does not have admittance to. Putting resources into Nova App Scam is not hazard free and clients ought to realize that the maker Michael Newberry is not a real individual.

Is Nova Software a Binary Scam or Reliable?

The Nova App Review may have a strikingly planned interface, yet clients must realize that all solid proof calls attention to the way that it is a trick. Michael Newberry is not a man that exists in ordinary reality and the auto-pilot framework itself is a re-hash of a deceitful scam that was discharged a few months back. Nova App Review starts with the guarantee that its affirmed 100% achievement rate can do miracles for the money related prosperity of clients yet it neglects to do as such at last.

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