The Money Glitch Review-Pornographic Scam!

We are posting this severe Scam Review on the Money Glitch software. Selena Fairbrother, the paid actress associated with this Pornographic Scam. Our readers and subscribers are receiving deceptive and misleading Emails about this fraud Money Glitch signal software. It seems like another ‘Get Rich Quick’ moneymaking scam. Selena Fairbrother claims that Matthews developed a great piece of trading software that can turn a tiny $5 to $596,000. Is this a magical software? Let’s try to dig further.

The Money Glitch

When we start watching the promotional video of the Money Glitch robot, we were in shock to watch Selena getting nude by undressing her clothes. It seemed like a porn movie than to be a software promotional video. Lately, scammers started using hot female actress for their promotional video. They must hope that men will fall for the beautiful woman’s presentation and lose their rational thinking. Keep in mind that Selena Fairbrother is undoubtedly a paid actress playing her nude role. David Matthews, the so-called creator of the Money Glitch robot has supposedly invested more than a million dollar to develop the software. But according to our findings, Matthews is also a fictitious character. We have evidence that his photo was taken from a stock photography site.Money Glitch

The Money Glitch Scam Review

At the starting of the promotional video, Selena Fairbrother states that this software has no connection with binary options trading. So what is this software all about? So, she starts her video with a lie. The Money Glitch Autotrader has the same graphical elements and technology as you can find in the two old scams, calls the Zulander Hack and the Mocking Bird Method. These are two misleading promotional videos which based on the same concept of easy money-making with no previous experience necessary. We are pretty sure that the same of group developers behind the Money Glitch binary software.

It’s easy to find the same old scam tactics has been used across all 3 Auto traders. The live trading results display, the geographic targeting widget, Bank balance show, and stuff remind us of the link between these 3 Softwares. All the trading and bank balance screenshots and statements have shown in the video are fake. Selena Fairbrother shows the screen of her computer lives after sign in into her personal bank account. But some numbers are blurred. A live screenshot cannot be blurred. So it is not a Live screenshot, it is a fake image created by Photoshop.

Despite all the posh lifestyle and the fake promises Selena has made, there are a few dark secrets are hidden in the risk disclaimer of The Money Glitch scam. We are pretty sure that you won’t find the statement anywhere in the sales video. Because it’s supposed to be hidden from your eyes. You can only see that with a magnifier that reads “risk disclaimer” locates at the very bottom of their web page, where almost no one scrolls to see that. See the below statement.Money Glitch

Verdict: The Money Glitch is a Scam

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  1. Mamie Mettler / May 11, 2016 at 4:13 am

    Lucky to be among the several visitors of this incredible site. I almost fall for this Money Glitch Scam!

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