Mirror Trading International Scam Review! Johan Steynberg Warning!


Read this analytical Mirror Trading scam review to know the truth. Mirror Trading International is a trading organization that guarantees Bitcoin profits on speculations. You’re most likely contemplating whether this organization is a scam or not. That is the thing that this review will reply to. On their site, it says that Mirror Trading International (Pty) LTD is a South African organization. It offers Forex trading administrations by utilizing a mechanized framework to exchange with the trading pool for the benefit of its users.

Obviously, it removes the problem from Forex trading by doing it on behalf of you. You don’t need to do anything. Everything is latent and accomplished for you by them. It’s essentially a crypto MLM that centers around Forex trading as they additionally use cryptocurrency in speculations, speculation, and in payouts to individuals.

Mirror Trading International Review

Mirror Trading International review platform is an MLM that centers around Forex. They use Bitcoin to pay users. They guarantee you don’t need to effectively acquire a return. Everything is uninvolved and accomplished for you. The organization is based out of South Africa. The organizer’s name is Johan Steynberg. How would you bring in cash here? There are two essential ways you bring in cash with Mirror Trading International. The primary path is to put cash to get a return in Bitcoin. The subsequent path is to enlist individuals to your downline. You get cash when the individuals underneath deposit money.

The Mirror Trading International review application by Johan Steynberg was set up in April 2019. It was established by Johann Steynberg who is from Polokwane in South Africa. He remains as the CEO and author of the Mirror Trading International scam.  The organization’s administrative center is in Western Cape, South Africa. Indeed, as asserted on their site they got more than 170,000 individuals from 100 Countries on 7 Continents.


The base venture to join Mirror Trading International scam is $100. Nonetheless, the more you contribute, the more you get from the payment plan. (you gain more from your downline when you contribute more). $10,000 gets you complete admittance to the whole remuneration plan.

Mirror Trading International Scam Review

Most data brings up that Mirror Trading International is a scam. In reality, there’s no genuine item. The principle plan is bringing investors into the program.  It works more like a Ponzi instead of a genuine company. Also, as referenced, one of the significant warnings of Mirror Trading International is that it’s not enlisted anywhere on this planet. It implies that everything done through it is unregulated & unlawful.

The greatest warning is that this organization has no registration in any nation. This implies it’s working illegally and violating safety regulations. You can get in a difficult situation advancing this organization due to that.  The explanation they’re not enlisted is they’d need to demonstrate their individuals are really winning cash from the passive venture which isn’t occurring.

Furthermore, there’s no genuine item or administration here to advance other than registration. This implies this is likewise a fraudulent business model (again unlawful). We’ll clarify more about this in the following segment.

Mirror Trading Compensation Plan

Since there are no retail deals, profit will be from ventures made by your enlisted people as a partner. Subsidiaries can acquire cash through trading and recruiting others.

  • Recruitment Commission –At the point when you support or enlist a member utilizing your member link, you get 10% dependent on what your downlink contributed.
    • Binary Residual Payment –Mirror Trading International offers a paired alternative structure to pay Residual Commissions. This structure disseminates members on different sides (both ways), which can be topped off through direct or indirect enrolled subsidiaries. Toward the finish of consistently, Mirror Trading International counts up the new speculation volume on the two sides of the binary group. At that point, it pays its members a 20% Forex residual portion of the profits produced all-inclusive.


Regardless, the measure of this commission relies upon the assets put resources into the organization, as demonstrated as follows.

  • Win a trading residual commission down 10 levels on the off chance that you contribute $200 to $999.
  • Get a commission down 20 levels on the off chance that you contribute $1,000 to $4,999.
  • Draw a residual commission down 30 levels when you contribute $5,000 to $9,999.
  • Win a commission on boundless levels if you contribute at least 10,000.

Authority Bonuses

There are 2 sorts of administration rewards dependent on how you help your colleagues. This is an ongoing reward on the grounds that the brokers’ expense was diminished, so the MTI chose to utilize the investment funds to pay out more commissions. The organization could have kept the extra 5% yet they decide to make it accessible to the individuals.

Mirror Trading International (MTI) utilizes their trading programming to deliver a degree of profitability (ROI) on the contributed reserves regular benefits are distributed and paid out every Saturday as follows:

  • users get 40%
  • Dealers get 25%
  • Binary/MLM gets 20% (benefits get every Saturday)
  • Administration Bonus gets 5%
  • Mirror Trading International takes 10%

Regulatory Warning

In July, the Texas Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) gave MTI with a restraining request on the premise that its cases were really deceptive. The Quebec Financial Market Authority has likewise recorded MTI as an organization that requests speculators illicitly. The Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) requested Mirror Trading International (MTI) to stop tasks quickly, asserting the South African bitcoin and forex trading network is a staggered showcasing scam. TSSB asserts Mirror CEO Cornelius Johannes Steynberg was executing an international MLM fraud enrolling salesmen who don’t have regulated trading licenses. The controller said Texans are among the people in question.


30 days later the Texas State Securities Board made a move against Mirror Trading International (MTI). South Africa’s Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA) is additionally researching the organization’s trading exercises. The FSCA’s greatest concern was that MTI by Johan Steynberg was promising its customers returns of as much as 10% every month. This, they focused, was very implausible and ridiculous. The FSCA cautioned individuals against utilizing MTI’s platform, asserting it didn’t possess the compulsory permit to work and has prompted its current customers to demand quick refunds.



Toward the finish of this Mirror Trading scam review, we affirm that this plan depends on the assets coming into their site. The stage won’t be ready to go for long as it is bound to come up short. They don’t have client support administrations, which are a significant warning. The organization is additionally utilizing bogus tributes to draw in guiltless financial specialists. We don’t prescribe their administrations to individuals from the general population. Accordingly, we ask customers to genuine Forex trading programming. Mirror Trading International scam by Johan Steynberg doesn’t have any venture administrations or items that they are advertising. In reality, It relies upon the cash that financial specialists are saving. Keep off this element to abstain from losing assets.

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