Mind Capital Official SCAM Review! Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo Warning!!


Read this authentic mind capital scam review to explore the truth. In the first place, Mind Capital is an MLM or multi-level marketing Ponzi plot. It advances an every day ROI when you put resources into their cryptographic money exchanging bot. They use Bitcoin as their fundamental money. As of this composition, there’s no notice of some other crypto being utilized for their trades. The proprietor of Mind Capital is Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo. The organization is based out in Spain, Madrid. It guarantees that they have workplaces everywhere. However, there’s no location recorded on their site. The proprietor professes to be a betting master. He made a fortune by beating the roulette table. Other than that, there’s no other data about Pelayo outside of Mind Capital. Does this imply this individual probably won’t exist? There’s that chance. He could be simply taking cover behind a pseudonym.

The website address is Mind.Capital. The website design is attractive. What do they offer you? Selling dreams and lies to cheat innocent people. Again, there are hundreds of similar websites. You can’t verify or visit their office. In reality, it is easy to scam people via a website. You will find a ton of negative reviews on the web. Therefore, don’t invest a dime on this platform.

What Mind Capital Review Platform?

Mind Capital by Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo professes to be the world’s first crypto-fiat stage with numerous capacities. The primary one is tied in with putting resources into cryptocurrencies. The stage will supposedly utilize progressed calculations to exchange gainfully. The entire task probably is run by Gonzalo García-Pelayo. The current day by day profits for speculations are about 1.5%. The base store is 100 USD. Is it genuine, however?

Additionally, your base speculation to get into the program is $100. You can invest up to $1,00,000. You’ll have to utilize a credit card for your speculation. We don’t have the foggiest idea why they do this. However, we should simply cooperate with the present. Your venture is then converting to BTC. Therefore, put into their exchanging bot (supposedly). You get an ROI of 1.5% for your ventures, from $100 to $100,000.


Mind Capital Scam Review

In reality, the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) affirmed that Mind Capital was offering securities misrepresentation which is a huge issue for the organization. Obviously, Mind Capital disagreed with this allegation. However, it’s as yet an immense warning. A significant motivation to not burn your money with the organization.

Additionally, Securities Commissioner Travis J. Iles brought a crisis action to stop Mind Capital, a Spanish and Estonian domiciled organization, from wrongfully advancing a digital currency venture fraudulent business model in Texas. As per the request, speculators buy MCcoin. This is an inner utility token suspected to be determinedly esteemed at $1.00.  Their acquisition of MCcoin purportedly allows them to partake in a crypto-fiat exchange trading program. “These plans can be risky,” said Commissioner Iles.  “Despite the fact that advertisers may flaunt about the triumphs of these stages, potential financial specialists are once in a while managed the chance to check their cases – or even decide if the applications really exist.”


The MLM Aspect

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is considered as an obscure practice in investing. As the installments are made ahead of time of any genuine additions by the alluded individual. Most digital currency players, who have embraced such practices on the crypto market, have ended up being Ponzi plans. Indeed, Mind Capital doesn’t vary a lot from Mirror Trading. Just they don’t have their very own digital money. Here is the reference MLM plot offers by Mind Capital:


Unrealistic Profits

Mind Capital CEO Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo guarantees returns from 0.5% to 1.5% every day. These are essentially unreasonable guarantees. None can promise you such everyday benefits. The digital currency market is extremely unpredictable. Additionally, this brings up the issue that, if Mind Capital as of now has an effective exchanging bot fit for producing up to 1.5% every day, what do they need your cash for? Furthermore, Mind Capital says it charges 35% of the benefits produced to cover operational costs. The rest 65% of profit is available to its customers. In our view, it looks bad to share the benefit of mechanized crypto exchanging with certain financial specialists, and just charge 35%. Moreover, if they have such an accurate bot then why the company needs investors? They can make a ton of money with their own trading bot.

Withdrawals Allowed 90 Days After Deposit

Another upsetting thing we read in the Mind Capital review FAQ. Withdrawals are available after 90 days of joining. The individuals who are new to online exchanging should realize that scamming is very normal. The time period for a chargeback is impossible after 90 days. Therefore, there is no way to recover your money.

Is Mind.Capital A Scam?

You can earn Mind Capital review ROI by recruiting affiliates only. When the new enrollments quit coming in, the ponzi scam will crumble. In reality, it will vanish with everybody’s cash. In reality, that is what scam platforms do. Any crypto affiliate program in which you purchase a bundle, hold your cash and pay you everyday returns is a scam like the head of a pine tree. We additionally keep thinking about whether Mind Capital has such a fruitful exchanging bot that makes such enormous benefits, at that point for what reason does it need cash from traders? It simply doesn’t bode well. Therefore, we request you to analyze the risk factors.

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  1. Roger Murdoch / April 26, 2021 at 9:47 pm

    I can confirm that, having been promised a refund for the last 4 months without anything arriving. The biggest scam going around at the moment

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  2. Arrow Julien / July 15, 2022 at 11:36 am

    They will succeed in convincing you with their tricks to believe them and put your hard-earned sum by promising you a 100% guarantee and in the end, you will end up getting nothing. They keep demanding high fees when you ask for a withdrawal they can never keep to their promise after convincing you to invest a considerable sum with them.

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