Secret Global US Millionaires Club Software Scam- Honest Review

Millionaires Club

The Millionaires Club is another Scam in a series of Club offers such as Secret Millionaires Club 2016 Review, Global Millionaires Club, US Millionaires Club. The developers behind these series of Scam have been cheating people by releasing the same old scam in a new way.

The Millionaires Club

First of all, the alleged developer of the Software Richard Brown does not exist on the earth. This so-called Richard Brown appeared in many scam systems we reviewed in the recent past. Nobody believes his fake Algorithm invention also. Even the testimonials appear on their promotional website is fake and those photos have stolen from different sites. Have a look below.Millionaires ClubMillionaire Club

The Global Millionaires Club

In the promotional video, Richard Brown shows screenshots of the bank accounts of other Global Millionaires Club System Investors and his personal account balance. The reality is those accounts have fabricated, those are screenshots from different broker demo accounts. The funny part is according to searching the domain the Global Millionaires Club was registered on 6th Feb 2016 but, Richard Brown shows us bank statement from 2015!
There is a window appears when you log on to Millionaires Club Signals website which shows ‘Live Trading’ results of their traders and how they earn money in every second. But the funny part is today is Sunday and still, their so-called Live trading is going on! Don’t you believe it? Visit their website at the weekend and you will find it.

The Secret Millionaires Club 2016

Let us have a quick look at their fake promises they made on their video. The Secret Club 2016 App guarantees you to become a millionaire in 3 months. That’s how you get into the trap. We have a tendency of becoming rich within a short time and this is how you become a fool. Secret Millionaires Club 2016 App is 100% free to join. This is what most Auto trading software promises. But in reality, this is not true. You have to open a brokerage account to get access to Secret Club 2016 software. They claim a new brokerage account starting at $250 went to $4,980 within a couple of minutes! This is insane because even the trustworthy software in the market can’t do it within just minutes.

The US Millionaires Club

When you log on to the Software website, a false counter appears that has designed to create a sense or urgency to join the system. Also ‘few spots left’ shows on the upper corner of the web page. Actually, these are the common ingredients of a software to become a scam.

US Millionaires Club Software claims that you will be a Millionaire within 90 days with a starting deposit of $250. Well, you need to earn $11,111 Dollars per day. Do you think it’s possible to make $11,111 per day with an initial deposit of $250!

Verdict: The Secret Global US Millionaires Club is a SCAM.

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  1. The word ”Millionaire” makes people to become a day dreamer. We always find shortcut ways to be rich within short time. That’s how we get cheated by this Millionaire Club or so-called softwares.

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