Midas Touch App Is Scam Software !! Honest Review !! Binary Doctor

After doing some analysis, we can confirm you that Midas Touch App is a scam, it’s not a safe software to trade with binary options. Basically, the Midas Touch App developed with the fairytale of King Midas who had the power to turn everything he touched into gold. That’s how they named the software. Life is not a fairytale and we should not believe it.

Midas Touch App overview

Midas Touch App system has all the ingredients to be a scam software. We see that every week a new scam software release in the binary options industry and many newbie traders who don’t have good ideas about scam software fall for it and lose their hard-earned money. The developers of the Midas Touch App system claim that this software can make you at least $5000 a day. We don’t believe the claim at all. Even Warren Buffett won’t be able to earn $5000 per day by investing $250 on his brokerage account! The software built to trade Gold only. This is their first trick as people think that investing in precious metal is a good idea as it never loses its value.

When you log on to www.midastouchapp.co you will see there are only 39 spots left to register and 535 people are on the line to join. It will put you on the pressure to join in a hurry before even thinking twice. And that’s the nasty trick to make people register and deposit quickly. If you are clever then you will refresh the page and you will see still 49 spots are left and 535 people are waiting to join their Midas Touch App robot.Midas Touch App

Fake testimonials of Midas Touch App Autotrader

When you log on to the Midas Touch App website a beard faced man appeared on the video. He says how he earns twelve thousand Dollars within just 3 days. Well, he is a paid actor from the UK and he can give you a video testimonial in exchange of $5 Bucks. Don’t believe our word? Believe the below picture.Midas Touch App

Final Verdict: Midas Touch App is a cheap scam.

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  1. Shantell Losco / March 29, 2016 at 4:49 am

    This Midas Touch App is a fairytale scam. haha

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