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Metaforce Forsage Scam Review | Force Coin Fraud By Lado Okhotnikov!


MetaForce Forsage is one of the most up-to-date smart contracts sent off in July of 2022. In this MetaForce scam review, you will find how it works. Whether Metaforce Forsage is another scam intending to cheat you. MetaForce is the 6th Forsage Ponzi plot from chronic scammer Lado Okhotnikov. Okhotnikov’s previous scam was Forsage BUSD, a crypto smart-contract fraud. Forsage BUSD arose in mid 2021. Financial backers in underdeveloped nations were basically everything that was left now. However, Forsage BUSD never truly got some forward movement.

Toward the beginning of February 2022, Okhotnikov reported Forsage Force, which would ultimately send off a week or so exceptionally prior to MetaForce. MetaForce’s site (“”), was first enlisted on January eleventh, 2022. The confidential enlistment was kept going refreshed on June 25th. Lado Okhotnikov is a Russian resident. His ongoing whereabouts are obscure yet MetaForce’s true FaceBook page is overseen from Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia. SimilarWeb as of now positions the top traffic source to Meta Force’s site as Russia (27%), the US (23%), Kazakhstan (17%), and Belarus (7%). Peruse for full details of the MetaForce scam review MLM opportunity.

Metaforce Review

Metaforce is a move up to the viral scam Forsage. Assuming that you have followed this blog beginning around 2020, you will realize that Forsage is smart agreement speculation conspire. LADO OKHOTNIKOV established the stage on February 6, 2020, on the Ethereum blockchain and later on a few other blockchains. This person returned in mid-2022 to report Metaforce, another smart contract speculation plot. According to him, it will be a swap for Forsage. Metaforce is planning to include a metaverse, a web3, an NFT stage. Also, a local token named FORCE coin.

It’s indistinct when Metaforce will be functional. Be that as it may, its send-off will open in three stages:

How Forsage Works

You need to open a record with Trustwallet in the event that you don’t have one as of now. Ensure you have something like $5 for the least enlistment bundle and at most $20 for the most noteworthy enrollment bundle. The referral commission is 100 percent. You are totally in charge of your funds. Rewards are paid straightforwardly to backers’ records. Meta Force Forsage organization will make installments into your wallet.

  • At the point when you recruit accomplices, they appear under you. Therefore, you get a 100% commission on your wallet.
  • Spillovers are accomplished with profit both your sponsor and your downlines.
  • Re-investment is the kickoff of a similar opening at the ongoing level so you can keep on earning from it.
  • upgrade: Opening the following space to a more costly level. Each level is twice the expense of the past level. Accordingly pay from them is two times as high. You bring in cash at a more elevated level while the past levels actually procure pay for you as new accomplices participate.
  • You bring in cash by appointing, updating, and empowering your colleagues to do likewise.

Metaforce Scam Review

In view of a few specific elements of Matic, Metaforce Forsage creates pay for their clients which allude to three new clients to them & persuades them to put resources into the program. It is a pyramid-like task that utilizes Polygon smart contracts. Clients join the program in the wake of paying a specific measure of Matic to the smart agreement. They then acquire commission prizes by welcoming more clients to pay FORCE to the smart agreement, a conspicuous quality of MLM. The Metaforce stage urges every one of its individuals to move up to higher openings with the benefit they produce from the stage. This is to help them to bring in additional cash in the Meta framework and advantage from the framework’s network installment and overflow.

Principally, as a client, in the event that you neglect to update, you bit by bit begin to lose essential benefits and profit. Therefore, your quick downline procures your benefits while you don’t. This happens in light of the fact that new clients take control over benefits. Hence, the high workers on this stage accomplish that by purchasing whatever number of spaces would be prudent inside a brief period. Some acknowledge upwards of 10 spaces from the beginning and go on as such. The fact of the matter is, what befalls clients who can’t bear the cost of that much? Nobody’s entirely certain. We are discussing that!

MetaForce Conclusion

MetaForce sees Lado Okhotnikov send off one more Forsage Ponzi. This time with a symbolic Ponzi plot. Mindful that after five failed Ponzis even the most idiotic of financial backers are likely tired of losing cash to him. Lado Okhotnikov is saying that MetaForce isn’t equivalent to Forsage. Rather than MetaForce simply burning out like the five Forsage Ponzi scams before it, Okhotnikov plans to leave the scam through “Force Coin”. Force Coin is a BEP20 shitcoin. These require five minutes to set up at next to zero expense.

At the point when the opportunity arrives, MetaForce will quit paying out in BUSD. Installments will be exchanged over to Force Coin, which at first MetaForce members will actually want to cash out. Not long after the switch, unavoidable installment delays or potentially issues changing out will occur. This will eventually leave most of MetaForce associates to pack holding one more Ponzi shitcoin.

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