Loantech SCAM Review! Loan Tech Top CEO Chris D Wright Exposed!!

Read this systematic LoanTech scam review before you decide to put resources into it. Is Loantech scam or genuine venture organization or another exit scam? Read our Loantech review to perceive what specialists need to state about Loan Tech Top Investment. This site vows to develop your money. Is dependable speculation? You may have run over numerous frameworks on the web ensuring you snappy fortunes. In reality, most of them end up being scams. In this Loantech scam review,  we provide you data based on our examinations and client encounters to support you settle on the best possible decision.

LoanTech Review

Loantech review stage is presented as a lending stage that will pay you daily returns. It implies that on the off chance that you have free capital, you can deposit your cash into the Loantech platform for somebody to obtain it. And you will be paid 3% everyday returns. However, there is an admonition. You won’t have the option to withdraw your deposit for quite a while. Following 22 days you can withdraw just 34% of your investment, which along with the 3% daily returns would make you earn back the original investment. The base speculation is 10 USD. There is additionally an associate program that will let you gain up to 15% on deposits from your first level. 2% from your second level. In any case, would you be able to believe the Loantech review program?

Is Loan Tech legit?

Shockingly, no, the Loantech program isn’t genuine. In all actuality, it is an illicit venture program, there is no genuine lending or getting going on. It saddens us that we need to clarify this over and over. Whenever you see any program offering stable 3% every day returns, you can be certain that it is a scam. You truly don’t need to examine more about the Loantech program. Simply take a gander at this one number, and you realize it is a scam. Loan tech is asserting that its authenticity derives from its enrollment in the UK. The facts confirm that an organization named Bright Future Loans is registered in the UK. Yet, it just has a tax enrollment that says nothing about the authenticity of an organization. We have seen dozens of scams with such enrollment.

Interestingly, the Loantech review is offering budgetary administrations. It pretends to be a lending stage, while it a speculation stage. In any case, it does not make any difference, because regardless, it needs approval from the Financial Conduct Authority to have the option to work legitimately. In any case, Loan tech isn’t registered with the FCA. It has no permit at all. Which makes it an unlawful program. And let us remind you that if you advance such an illicit HYIP, you are culpable of the law.

Loantech CEO Chris D Wright Exposed!

When you visit LoanTech.Top website, you will find the ”About Us” section there. It says, ‘Established by Chris Wright and his determined group, LoanTech has a long history behind the partner’s dear kinship.’ So, the founder’s name is Chris D. Wright, right? They display a photo of the Loantech owner Chris D Wright on the website. A nice looking handsome young guy introduced to us as Chris Wright. But we have an Eagle eye because we have been exposing scams since 2015.

We have found the so-called Chris D Wright in another place. In reality, the picture the display on the website as their CEO is a renowned person. His name is Ben Rattray who is the founder and CEO of the online petition website, which he founded in 2007. Therefore, we can clearly say that Chris D Wright is a fictitious character. Will you invest in such a company where the CEO is a fictitious person? We are attaching Ben Rattray’s photo underneath for your better understanding.

chris d wright

Loantech Scam Review

Although this Loantech scam site may show up genuine to a beginner, in all actuality, it is only an exit HYIP simply like Forsage. It is designed in such a manner to persuade clueless financial specialists.

This implies Loan Tech resembles each other HYIP. It is only a kind of Ponzi conspire. Financial specialists possibly get paid when new individuals join and contribute. This means you are under strain to acquire new speculators with the goal that you will get paid. When the quantity of new speculators drops, the proprietors go away with the cash invested.

Along these lines, the site is closed down since there is not, at this point, enough cash to pay beginning financial specialists. Those that advantage most occasions are the primary speculators. Notwithstanding, the framework isn’t practical because it will doubtlessly close down unexpectedly leaving your cash trapped in the hands of the scammers that set it up at first. Why spend your time on HYIPs when there are other legitimate and feasible ways of bringing in cash?


At the end of this Loantech scam review, we can confirm that it is an exit scam. We have provided you all the details for you to decide whether you should invest in it or not. Don’t hesitate to post a comment below if you are a member of Loan tech.

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  1. I invested big sum with this but now they are not paying for 3 weeks! Darn

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  2. I wanted to invest but now I must think twice.very clear analysis.

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  3. Thank you very much.
    But what’s the way forward for those who have already been scammed?

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  4. A mi modo de ver se convirtió en scam, pero no fué una página scam el 100% del tiempo. Quien la agarrara desde el principio y si hizo retiros, le pudo sacar provecho, pero repito, la página no fue scam desde el comienzo porque yo mismo hice retiros y me pagó. Claro que como todo llega a su fin, y loantech no es la excepción. Pero tampoco se dejen llevar siempre por lo que dice la mayoria: “si paga mucho interés es una estafa”, “si ofrece planes extraordinarios es scam” y todo eso, porque repito, quien la agarro desde el comienzo o enseguida que comenzó a operar le sacó ganancia.

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  5. He refused to pay us since Oct. 20th, 2020, I saw this late, I’d have had a change of mind prior to this. Sad

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  6. I wish I saw earlier, I had invested already and my fund is trapped

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  7. Loan Tech – SCAM
    Quel recours légal, avons-nous pour récupérer le capital investi dans la mesure où nous n’avons perçu aucun gain (demande en attente depuis 3 semaines).

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  8. I already scammed what is the way forward

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  9. Loantech ne paiera plus ou quoi??

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