Lie Detector Millionaire Scam-Honest Software Review

Lie Detector Millionaire Software

Read this important scam review of the Lie Detector Millionaire Software. It seems like a Hollywood production than to be a Binary Options Software. The producer must have spent a lot of money to make this fancy scam. This has gone viral over the internet and they are also spamming via email marketing. Don’t sign up with this App until you finish reading this article.Lie Detector Millionaire Software

The Lie Detector Millionaire Software: $498,561 Profit Per Month

The developer of this Lie Detector Millionaire Software System claims that their signal software will make you $498,561 every month with the first deposit of $250. No matter if you are an expert trader or a novice. Let us look at this a little closer. With a $250 small deposit, can anyone really make $498,561 within a month! It’s just possible in fairy tales. Daniel Wilkins, the alleged CEO of that Lie Detector Millionaire Software App, showed that he turned the software on auto-pilot for one hour and went for lunch. When he came back and checked it showed a total profit of $12,000 within just an hour. This is more like magic than to a binary software. That’s why we call it Hollywood production. They should start making a movie instead of a signal software.

Polygraph Test: Lie Detector Millionaire Software Drama

We searched over the internet about the alleged polygraph test examiner name Jonas Cane. He claims that he is a retired military general. We were unable to find him over Google or even in social media’s. Our question is why will a former general get involved in a software production! We have seen officers interrogate prisoners the way he was asking questions. Actually, these scammers know that traders are aware of scams these days and they don’t believe any fake promises. So the producer of Lie Detector Millionaire Software system made this drama to make it believable to general traders. To make us fool this way.

The Lie Detector Millionaire Software: 100% Win Rate

They say their software has never lost any trades. Are you kidding me? Ask Mr. Warren Buffett and he will also disagree with that statement. Daniel Wilkins says that the software has a ‘Profit Protection’ feature which automatically places offsetting trades when it predicts a losing trade. We have never seen any software that can predict future and act so to stop-loss! Well, we can predict the future of the traders who have already joined this signal software. Want to know the future? One after another losing trade and so on and on!

The Lie Detector Millionaire Software Signal: Live Trading

On Saturday night we logged on to their website and saw a window which showed ‘Live Trade results’. That was showing that how much money their traders were earning in every minute. Wait, have you ever done trading on Saturday? Ha-ha.

Verdict: The Lie Detector Millionaire Software is a SCAM.

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6 thoughts on “Lie Detector Millionaire Scam-Honest Software Review

  1. Nobody believe scammers. That’s why they showed this Lie Detector thing to make this offer believable. What a funny scam this Lie detector Millionaire Software is!

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  2. Bradford Stewart / April 16, 2016 at 9:08 pm

    You said it right Doctor, This Lie detector Millionaire is a Hollywood production. Getting a few emails everyday to join this automated system. Lucky to find your blog. Won’t join this scam.

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  3. Mozelle Barunga / April 18, 2016 at 7:47 am

    Why do they use a lie detector machine! Because nobody believe their words at all. So they decided to use that machine to make it believable. Guys never ever sign up and lose your money on scams like the Lie detector Millionaire.

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  4. Marinakis news / April 26, 2016 at 8:57 pm

    Hey, Doc! Your YouTube review saved me from not joining with this Lie Detector Millionaire scam. I’m truly thankful buddy. Keep up the good work.

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  5. you are actually a true mentor. I was going to sign up with the Lie Detector Millionaire. Suddenly I thought why not dig a little deeper? Then I found this article and I’m surely not gonna register. Thanks, Man.

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  6. Margareta Donald / April 27, 2016 at 8:31 pm

    Lie Detector Millionaire is a hilarious Scam. When I first saw the promotional video, I couldn’t stop laughing for a couple of minutes!

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