IMA Signals Scam- Wall Street Lifestyle Review- Proven


We have analyzed The Wall Street Lifestyle and IMA Signals and found that both the same fake scam run by the same marketer. They just opened two separate websites named and The marketing people are so lazy that they used the same presentation video on both of the websites. Their plan is to target more people to get more sale of their scam software. There’s no doubt that some of you have already joined this software and got scammed.

Wall Street Lifestyle IMA Signals ScamWall Street Lifestyle IMA Signals Scam

Wall Street Lifestyle and IMA Signals

James Taylor, the alleged creator of Wall Street Lifestyle AKA IMA Signals says that while working at Columbia University, he was part of a team of developer paid to design the software. Wow, so Columbia University pays to design, binary options software systems? According to James Taylor, the Wall Street Lifestyle and IMA Signals platform are completely free to use for one month. Well, no binary options software is free because you need to deposit to your broker account. We guarantee you that you won’t see that deposit later in your lifetime!

Moreover, the IMA Signals or Wall Street Lifestyle software guarantee nine out of ten wins with their ‘ingenious’ binary options trading software. Well, this is impossible and no one can guarantee that.

You’ll see two testimonial videos on their website by alleged members claiming the Wall Street Lifestyle or IMA Signals has made them rich and their lifestyle has changed dramatically. We can assure you that those people are paid actors and they appeared in many scam software promotional videos in the recent past. They are hired from and they can say anything in front of the camera for $5 bucks.

The photo of James Taylor has taken from stock photography sites. He is not actually the guy behind The Wall Street LifeStyle & IMA Signals scam. There is no association between Harvard Business School and The Wall Street LifeStyle App (IMA Signals). It is stated on the website that the system was developed at Harvard Business School. But in the video, the narrator talks about graduating from Columbia University. So, the website information conflicts with the video script and this is a clear sign that The Wall Street LifeStyle aka IMA Signals is a scam!

Verdict: Wall Street Lifestyle and IMA Signals is Scam!

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  1. OMG! I didn’t know that Wall Street Lifestyle and IMA Signals are same! I already deposited to Wall Street Lifestyle assigned broker. Wish I could find your article a bit earlier. I’m gonna withdraw money from the broker account. Thanks Man.

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