Hedge Formula Group Scam Review-Another Fake Production!

The Hedge Formula Group System has gone viral over the internet. It’s a New Scam. So, read the Review before you sign up with another Fake production. We literally fell asleep while watching the promotional video of the Hedge Formula Group Software. It is too long and the founder of this robot, George Dali is too old to speak properly in front of the camera. The should have hired someone cheerful from Fiverr.com as their spokesperson for $5 buck! 

Hedge Formula Group Offerings:

We found absolutely nothing but trash talks in the presentation video. Same old ‘get rich quick’scheme. Display of costly mansion, fancy cars, and posh holiday making in abroad. Those are really old tricks to make people fools.  George claims that the Hedge Formula Group can make you $10k per day, or up to one million Dollars per month. All you have to do  is to turn on the software on autopilot and the software do the rest. He also says that the software has not yet lost any single trade since the release in four years ago. 

Hedge Formula Group

Hedge Formula Group Scam Review

George Dali, the so-called founder of the Hedge Formula Group scam claims that this video presentation and the website will be removed after 100 beta testers join the system. Even when we visited their website there was only 1 spot left as you can clearly see in the above picture. It’s been 48 hours since we visited the website and the site is still not removed. Even when you visit the Hedge Formula Group website, you will see the ‘1 spot left counter appears.

So, if you don’t want to lose your hard-earned money, then overlook this fake production. Besides, the alleged founder/creator George Dali is nothing but a paid actor hired to lie in front of the camera. But you must admit that he is a bad actor and the presentation was horrible. We searched for his existence on the social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ but failed to find him. Even about his ‘money making’ software. Instead, we found some articles written about the Hedge Fund Formula indicating that this is a scam.  

Final Verdict: Hedge Formula Group is a Scam.

Would you believe that the Hedge Formula Group Signal software has a success rate of 98%?? If you do, then you will lose your cash pretty soon. Moreover, they say their software is risk-free. The statement is far from reality. As a binary options trader, you must see the disclaimer warning that binary options trading carries high risk and there is a chance of losing. So, how can they give us the guarantee of 98% success and risk-free trading? be aware that those who give you such guarantee and unreal success rate as well as making you a millionaire within a short time are nothing but scammers. The also showed some imaginary bank balances to fall for this scam. So, We would ask our valued readers and subscribers not to fall for this type of mean scam.

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