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The Greenwood Formula, a new Software has just released in the binary options industry. Got at least 15 emails to write a Review about it. Is Greenwood Formula a Scam? Read this Review until the end and it will help you decide whether you join or not. The email marketers have bombarded your inbox with fake promises to make you a millionaire within a short period. Thus, you started digging and found our website. Some of you will even sign up with the software with an attitude like ‘’give it a try’’ and some will not. If our article saves one person from not registering with a fake scam, that will be our biggest achievement.Greenwood Formula

The Greenwood Formula: Offerings

Let’s have a good look at the Greenwood Formula system promise. Jake, the anchor, says that you have come to a very special web page and you are guaranteed to earn $10,000 for landing on the website. They say it’s an invitation-only binary signal software and is not available to the general people. The software works completely on autopilot. Those who will sign up and trade with the Greenwood Formula will make at least $1,00,000 in profit. If not, then the alleged creator will pay them $10,000 from his own pocket for testing the software. In the presentation video, Jake showed how he made $40,000 within 5 days of trading with a tiny first deposit of $250. The Greenwood Formula app was set to automate mode and without any human interfere it made that sum of money. He also states that he will allow 20 people only to register with the software. We have seen many testimonial videos out there where people claim how they made thousands and even millions of dollars by trading with this Greenwood Formula signal system.

The Greenwood Formula Analysis

When we visited their website, we saw many testimonial videos are there. Some happy people gave testimonials that how they made millions of dollars with this Greenwood Formula System. But, when we dug a little deeper the truth came out. Look at the picture we have posted above. It shows 1.6 million dollar balance in someone’s brokerage account and the date shows 1st June 2015. According to our findings, their website has registered on 9th May 2016. So, how can the guy able to get a huge amount of profit one year before the software even released! Another thing is that why would someone keep that huge amount of money in a brokerage account? When you have that such amount of money you will obviously withdraw and keep it to your bank account. So, these guys are actually paid actors who lie in front of the camera for some money.                             Read Copy Buffett Review      
We have seen a very unusual binary trading session in the presentation video. Jake showed us how his account jumps from $250 to $40,000 in just 5 days. That’s what we can compare to Aladin’s magical lamp! It’s not possible to make that sum of money with a tiny deposit of $250, not even for the legendary trader Warren Buffett! Well, let us tell you that if the Greenwood Formula auto trader is real then why it’s not mentioned in big financial news portals like CNN Money or Yahoo finance? We searched over the internet to gather some news about the system. We found many negative reviews and complaints from the users instead. Even not any reputed binary options blogs or forum approves this Greenwood Formula robot. Therefore, we don’t recommend our valued readers and subscribers to not try this fraud system which can cause you financial damage.                                                    Read BINADROID Review

Conclusion: The Greenwood Formula App is a Scam!

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  1. The Greenwoods Formula is clearly a scam. The promises are to OTT . Thank you for posting this review doctor

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