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In this audit, you’ll discover proofs that Gemini 2.0 is a Scam. It has created by Brandon Lewis. Lewis purportedly is a previous top Google’s designer who has made the Gemini application. It is the world’s exclusive ”No Loss” binary options trading system. It purportedly can gain you, in any event, $12,000 every day.

Gemini 2.0

What precisely is Gemini 2.0?

According to the developers, Gemini 2.0 System has created in view of the client and can totally take control of the binary process by finding and computerizing the trades for the speculator. There are various financial specialists coming to over $30,000 every day utilizing the live signals gave by Gemini 2.0 software. New Binary Options Trader can connect to live Gemini 2.0 App and start getting a continuous trading alert right away. So, they don’t need to invest Energy taking in the intricate details of financial trading.

CREATOR of GEMINI 2.0 SCAM: Brandon Lewis?

Brandon Lewis is the name of the maker and the proprietor of Gemini 2.0 who, as per the video was an architect of Google and later he exited Google when he found that he can profit from the Gemini 2.0 programming. He evidently put in 3 years of his life examining the money related market and building up this product until one day he found the arrangement. This is totally a manufactured story which has been boldly told in the video and this demonstrates the man Brandon Lewis is only a suspicious character and the performer is presumably utilizing a fake personality to advance this sham programming.


The Gemini 2 Software trades automatically based on the compound trading method. The compound method is to double the investment of the previous trades every time. For example, if your first trade size is $10 then your next trade investment will be $20. Again $40, $80, $160 and so on. It bears a high risk of losing your investment in the blink of an eye. It also requires a higher deposit to keep up the compound strategy. We warn you not to try this until you are a pro trader.


The video begins by demonstrating a copy of The New York Times and demonstrating to you the date. This is the goal that you can see that the exchanges are live. Once more, another little trap to support your trust in Gemini 2.0. Because the date was right when the product was propelled doesn’t imply that the product isn’t fake. The video entirely continues for several minutes. It demonstrates to you best practices to use Gemini 2.0 effectively. The product is distinctive on the video from one that we have seen of late. Frankly, We are getting a terrible vibe from Gemini 2.0 platform. We have quite recently found another site page for this product that has an alternate video.


All things considered, in the event that we are straightforward, there is not by any means a great deal that we can say. There is a video that essentially overwhelms the entire site. The all the more stressing thing is the heading which states “Prepared to make in any event $12,341.37 a day?” This is an exceptionally unlikely sum and We feel that we can say without a solitary uncertainty that you won’t make anyplace close to that sum. There is likewise a counter that says 1 spot available in Germany. Again an extremely old strategy used as a part of many Scam software. They have additionally added the required commonly recognized names to the base of the page. This assembles trust, all things considered, you ought to disregard these completely.

Results are fake

On the Gemini site, you can see a few apparently live exchanging consequences of the product. In any case, it is anything but difficult to prove that they are fake. You’ll see a few trades from 2016/09/25, which is a Sunday. However, markets are shut on Sundays, you can’t exchange binary trading on Sundays, so the outcomes are clearly fake.

Gemini 2.0


We observed the Gemini 2.0 programming that ought to be a zero loss exchanging programming, the one and only on the planet. All things considered, we are listening to this case from verging on each trading software we audit on our site. How about we return to Gemini, the product is an outstanding application created and offered by con artists as it were. There is no automated trading software in the world that never lose a single trade. This is fake and misleading.


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