Free Money Guaranteed Software! New Edition Of Old Scam-Review

Free Money Guaranteed Software

Free Money Guaranteed Software is the new edition of an old scam. Read this Review carefully and stay out of the fake money-making scheme. We have observed that the same group of scammers is continuously updating their old fake software in a new way. This Free Money Guaranteed Software is no exception. Basically, they are making free money by scamming people and cheating. We will prove it to you in a bit.

Free Money Guaranteed Software Overview:

So, what do they offer? With Free Money Guaranteed Software, you just don’t need to worry about your investment. It’s so easy and result oriented software. Their software can bring 100% success. Free Money Guaranteed Software is 100% free. You don’t need to be an expert to run the software and earn consistent profits. With this Free Money Guaranteed Software, you will become a Millionaire in 60 days and earn up to $10,53,000 without risking your money.

This Free Money Guaranteed software works completely on autopilot. So you just don’t need to do anything without seeing your account balance grow. Mr. Anderson, CEO of the system says that only the lucky 7 traders will get access to this Free Money Guaranteed Software. When all the 7 spots are taken, then the owner will shut the registration. No sales team will ever contact you to register with this App.

 Free Money Guaranteed Software Scam Review

As we stated above, a group of scammers releases the same fake system by giving that a new name. In this case, Free Money Guaranteed Software is the replica of Your Legacy Club Scam. The developers are so lazy that they filmed their promotional video in the same house and same settings. Look at the two pictures below and you will understand. Read  our article on Your Legacy Club Scam

Free Money Guaranteed Software

Free Money Promotional Video Set

Free Money Guaranteed Software

Your Legacy Club Promotional Video Set

Bobby Anderson, the so-called millionaire & owner of Free Money Guaranteed App that his software can make you half a Million Dollars in every month. He claims that his Autotrader is endorsed by renowned financial magazines like Guardian and Bloomberg. Well, no well-known financial magazine will never recommend any scam software. You can check it by log on to their websites for any endorsement about the Free Money Guaranteed Software.

We have searched over the internet about the identity of Robert Andersen, who supposed to be a millionaire and former Hedge Fund manager in New York. He doesn’t even have any social id on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. It indicates that Robert Andersen and his ‘wife’ are paid actors and endorsing this fraud system. According to query about the website age, it shows that Free Money Guaranteed App website launched in April 2016. But the testimonial givers video showing their trading balance of February 2016. How can it be possible when the website is very new and those traders balances are from past dates! Fake badges and counter appear when you log on to their website which shows 1 spot left out of seven. Refresh the page and you will amaze to see seven spots left is showing. Therefore, Free Money Guaranteed Software has all the ingredients to be a scam.

Final Verdict: Free Money Guaranteed Software is a scam.

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3 thoughts on “Free Money Guaranteed Software! New Edition Of Old Scam-Review

  1. After joining Free Money Guaranteed System, I started losing my money. Even at times they stopped answering my emails. It’s really disappointing.

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  2. This Free Money Guaranteed Software is a fraud system. They pushed me to deposit a couple of times and at the end I have lost all my deposit. They even stopped contacting me. Neither me was able to contact them. Bloody scammers.

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  3. Ardent Bullock / April 29, 2016 at 12:36 pm

    Well written Doc. You showed the points that this Free Money Guaranteed is the new version of an old scam. Keep up the good work

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