EKrona Crypto SCAM Review 2022 | Is Ekrona.Com Website Authentic?


In this Ekrona scam review, we will expose the truth. Sweden and the EU have worked steadily to make decentralized crypto for the Swedish Krona. In the first place, that’s the advancement of “E Krona”. Therefore, is Ekrona Crypto genuine? eKrona Crypto purportedly works as an internet-based cryptocurrency trading stage. It permits clients to make mechanized eKrona review coin trades. The computerization will be a “cryptocurrency trading bot”. The bot has a success rate of nearly 100%, as per the website.

Actually, the eKrona review pilot study from Riksbank is authentic. Riksbank was analyzing the potential of eKrona. They distributed the discoveries from stage one this previous June. The primary focal point of the e-Krona pilot study was the comprehension of CBDCs. In reality, there is no such thing as the Ekrona Crypto. Moreover, from the eKrona Review website.

Ekrona Review

Reuters Thompson distributed an article about Sweden’s e-krona project. Likewise, the way things are intended to carry Europe’s national banks into the fate of the computerized business and retail installments. For some reason, this pilot project has been required to be postponed. Riksbank is the Sweden’s national bank. In addition, It has prompted the public that “no official conclusion” has been made concerning Ekrona Crypto. They are dealing with blockchain-based Swedish money. It will be a Distributed Ledger Technology. Uniquely, it’ll be the national bank digital money (CBDC). Accordingly, there is no e-Krona exists. It is certainly not a Swedish government cryptocurrency.

Unfortunately, scammers have chosen to swindle amateur financial investors. They have figured out how to gain a few exceptionally influential sites. They have named it “eKrona Crypto”. These fraudsters guarantee it as the government eKrona website. Also, encouraging individuals to purchase the phony Ekrona scam.


eKrona Scam Review

eKrona review site is purportedly selling the ‘Official e-Krona Cryptocurrency’. In the first place, the Krona is the national currency of Sweden. The ‘E Krona’ or ‘e-Krona’ will be its digital version. Notwithstanding, the case that this site has the approval to offer eKrona to general society is dispassionately bogus. The e-Krona is being created by Riksbank. Not to mention, it is the Swedish National Bank. There is a caution on the Riksbank domain named ‘False information regarding the sale of e-kronas‘. It says that fraudsters are scamming individuals by selling eKrona on behalf of Riksbank. As a general rule, Riksbank hasn’t announced any decision about E-Krona. Accordingly, it isn’t accessible to the public.

The website information shows that e-Krona.com is functional since 2015. Again, this doesn’t really appear to be the situation. We have checked through the Wayback Machine. We have observed that the site was totally dormant somewhere in the range of 2019 and 2021. The information was refreshed in October 2021. Moreover, it has been active again since June 2021. The domain footer additionally specifies the year 2021. These realities consolidated recommend that it is a somewhat new website. It is working since mid-2021. Clearly, e-Krona is a scam. In all actuality, it has no connection to Riksbank.


More Scam Evidence!

eKrona website is brimming with tall cases about cryptocurrency being extraordinary speculation. The website even has a phony clock. It shows the cost of the e-Krona is going to double within 40 minutes! Again, we have researched the website completely. The Cookie Policy page makes reference to the name ‘YuanPayGroup. That is a similar Digital Yuan Scam that we have exposed before. Accordingly, obviously, this e Krona website isn’t controlled by experts.

There are no help numbers for e-Krona on the website. The website footer contains the location 79 Stockholm. Again, that appears to us a phony location. The best way to reach them is by presenting your contact number. Therefore, expect to get a call from them. We encourage you to not do this. A few reviewers have composed that they began getting consistent calls from forceful salesmen subsequent to giving eKrona scam their contact data. Similar scam Polinur



Likewise, the eKrona website and the 8 comparative websites are scams. Swedish Riksbank is still researching about e-Krona. No association has the position to offer e-Kronas to people in general. Moreover, a similar scam has been noticed before. It was a Digital Chinese Yuan Scam. We assume that the same fraudsters are running both scams. The website has been working since just mid-2021. The substance on the website is totally phony. You can track down 8 comparable websites. The e-Krona scammers even published paid media articles. Furthermore, they have composed counterfeit google reviews.

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