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We are posting an immediate article Review about the Drexel Code Software Scam and Cory Drexel, the fake CEO and third class actor. After getting tons of emails from our valued readers and subscribers about this Drexel Code App, we decided to dig a little deeper and further. We request all of you not to register with this software until you finish reading this article.

Drexel Code Scam Review

We have observed that some scam software providers relaunch their product time after time with a different name to make more people fall for the scam. The Drexel Code is the sequel of their previously launched trading software. They say Drexel Code is developed by a big company named Drexel Code Incorporated. Just to make sure we searched the internet to gather more information about that company. We failed to get any information about that company and there is no such company exists on the earth. Instead, we just found the Drexel University, which is a reputed educational institution. We even looked for Cory Drexel, the alleged CEO of the company if he has any social profile, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn but, as usual, no such named matched the picture. We are not amazed to find out that we are dealing with an imaginary character and his real identity will probably never find out. 

Drexel Code

Unbelievable Profit Gain!

Drexel Code Review – 100% Winning Ratio?

The developers behind Drexel Code System spent a huge amount of money to make a very realistic SCAM. The employees wear shirts with company logo made it more trustworthy office environment.

They claim their Drexel Code Software has never lost a single trade in the past three years! Isn’t that sounds fishy? We know that Binary Options trading carries a high level of risk. You can never win all your trades because the market becomes unpredictable sometimes. So keeping the winning ratio above the loss ratio is what we do to gain profit. There’s no software in the world that can deliver 100% winning trades.

Drexel Code system CEO claims that they will only include 50 beta testers. So when we logged on to their site a pop-up window appears which indicated that there is only 1 spot left to register as a beta tester. We refreshed the page it showed 12 beta tester spots are available. Well, if they really need 50 beta testers only then they could easily find them without spending a lot of money on advertisement. This is actually a nasty trick to push people to register with the software.

They invited their so-called existing users named Katy Montoya and Clay Chancellor to their office to talk about their software in front of the camera. They expressed how great the software is and how the earned a lot of cash. Then the CEO handed them a check as their trading profits. Our question is why the Drexel Code CEO paid them instead of a broker! Think about it!

The Drexel Code is a scam!

The overall production of Drexel Code software and the way it’s designed makes us remember The Amissio Formula, TrianaSoft and Virtual Income (all using the same office setup for promotion). We are pretty sure that the same group of shady scammers is behind this scam system. We ask you not to join these types of fake trading software and lose your hard-earned money. Stay Safe!

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