Daisy AI Or Daisy Artificial Intelligence By Dmitry Gushchin SCAM Review


In the event that you’re searching for a detailed DAISY AI scam review, at that point, you’re in a convenient spot! We were doing some research around the web to discover new lucrative chances. Therefore, we discovered Daisy Artificial Intelligence. We assembled most of the data from the organization’s limited-time offer and recordings that are flowing around the web right now. DAISY AI is allegedly a “Decentralized AI System”.

Thay claim Daisy AI review platform is a branch of EndoTech. Endotech site domain has enrolled in February 2018. Notwithstanding not existing on the web till 2018, EndoTech claims that its site that it is in the market since 2012. The organization pitches itself as crypto exchanging firm. It is based in Israel. Dmitry Gushchin is the CEO and Founder of this organization. Daisy AI broadcasts itself as a crypto firm. It is supposedly a part of Endo Tech organization. Shockingly, Endo Tech has a place with an eatery known as early afternoon Israel. The organization bought its domain in February 2018. In any case, it claims that they are in the industry since 2012. Is the organization lawful?



Daisy Artificial Intelligence Smart Contract is an MLM organization. It additionally offers a problematic crowdfund pattern for advanced improvements. The organization offers a smart arrangement on the blockchain, not through the organization itself. That implies that the commissions and installments are made straightforwardly to the individuals through the blockchain.

As per the organization, the Daisy plans provides every people with profit, assets, and revenue. The smart contract through the blockchain is indeed a decentralized self-ruling model constrained by nobody. Daisy AI is a decentralized AI platform. Endotech is the mother company of this platform. Daisy AI claims to be the next big name in AI exchanging. This innovation will increase the current AI execution by 4x. This is the first venture promoted by Daisy Crowd Fund. With Daisy AI, members will get 85% of trading benefits. Artificial Intelligence is Endotech’s way of turning into a public organization.


Daisy AI Scam Review

In reality, Fraudsters are utilizing Artificial intelligence like a wizardry word. Therefore, the Daisy AI scam review by Dmitry Gushchin is no exemption. The facts confirm that the world’s top monetary firms are putting resources into this territory and creating frameworks, however, this isn’t an available thing to the general population. At the point, when you see a venture offer guarantees you easy income because of AI, you can be practically certain that it is a scam.


Another enchantment term manhandled by scammers is the smart contract. Smart contracts are applications running on the blockchain. Individuals who have unique access can modify this anytime. They are quite the same as customary applications. A smart contract won’t make you any cash without anyone else. In the event that you have a beneficial trading methodology, you don’t have to run it on a clever arrangement. Similar MLM Mirror Trading

Compensation Plan Breakdown

Daisy AI’s reference bonuses run off of a 3X10 network remuneration plan that cycles at each level. Since it cycles at each level, there is additionally an entrance expense for each level beginning at $100 to enter level 1. It has 3 spots with a $50 reference commission when you fill every one of the 3 positions. With any Matrix remuneration plan, any position can be filled by specifically enlisting individuals, upline supported individuals which are alluded to as overflow or downline reference creation.


The Daisy AI review app guarantee 800% or 1500% every year is totally ludicrous and incomprehensible. Or then again a normal of 3% daily returns, which is an all-out scam. In monetary business sectors, these numbers are simply unimaginable.


Daisy AI review pitches its MLM open door as a value crowdfunding model. That is scam represents “AI exchanging”. Which thusly is MLM crypto scam represents “Ponzi plot”. Fundamentally, there’s nothing in Daisy AI by Dmitry Gushchin that you haven’t heard previously. A similar exchanging plan each MLM crypto scam concocts. In reality, Daisy Artificial Intelligence is offering aloof returns. We are not going to join this. Neither Daisy AI nor EndoTech is a public enrolled organization.

Be it Israel or elsewhere in the world, neither EndoTech, Daisy AI, Anna Becker, or Dmitry Gushchin are enrolled to offer protections. This implies that at a base, Daisy Artificial Intelligence and anybody advancing it is submitting securities misrepresentation. Therefore, be cautious when you see such offers.

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