Daily Trader Club Software Review-BIT Options Scam

Daily Trader Club Software and BIT Options are the same scam software! Read this important review before you sign up with the software. The developers of the software were so lazy that they just built two websites with different names but everything is the same. They have not changed anything without the software name. This way they try to get more people to register with their scam software. We have an eagle-eye and we can’t let the software go without blacklisting it.

Daily Trader Club Software BIT Options Daily Trader Club Software BIT Options

Daily Trader Club Software – BIT Options Scam Review

When we log on to Daily Traders Club Software aka BIT Options website it seems pretty decent. The convincing promotional video, News site cutting, Facebook, and Twitter feed everything is there. But when we start digging a little deeper the truth came out.

Are Daily Trader Club Software or BIT Options scam? First of all, the BIT Options system had launched in 2015. That software performance was so poor that newbie traders who jumped in and registered lost all their hard-earned money. Now they came up with the same software by changing its name to Daily Traders Club Software System. It’s like old wine in a new bottle! We tried to find their so-called senior chief advisor Stephen Gilbert and his wife via Google image search and what we found was shocking. Those pictures were taken from a website and used to promote the Daily Traders Club Software & BIT Options. The real couple may not even aware of this fraud. You can check out their original identity by pressing the below link.

Link: http://onelifewealth.co.uk/casestudies/mike-amanda/recommendatio/

You can see that this is the exact picture used on their website to scam people to sign up with their software. The Daily Traders Club Software aka BIT Options has nothing to offer without cheating you and get your money somehow.

Fake News Coverage: Daily Trader Club software| BIT Options 

Have you been impressed to read the news of CNN Money and other giant financial site recommendation about their software on their website? Don’t be. Because all those news cuttings appear on their website are not linkable, fake and photoshopped. This is the lame try to make people impress and believe how great their software is. We have manually tried to find the news in the CNN Money and other business websites but failed.

The Daily Trader Club software BIT Options: Annoying Pop-Ups

They say they need only 50 beta testers for Daily Trader Club software/BIT Options. Do you guys believe it needs such advertisement to find 50 people? We don’t think so. When you visit their website a false counter appears which shows a few minutes left to register. Seems like after the countdown you won’t be able to register. There is also a pop-up appears like 20 times, which force you to register immediately. These are the solid ingredients of the software being a scam.

Verdict: Daily Trader Club software Aka BIT Options is a Scam.

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