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Cloud Trader

We confirm in this article review that the Cloud Trader System is a filthy Scam. We have got many email complaints to Review about the alleged CEO Matthew Shepherd scamming people with misleading emails. He actually wants you to open an account with one of his shady and unregulated brokers to steal your hard-earned money. Honestly, the danger of losing your deposit is true here. We are writing this article for those traders who might think it’s a legit software.

Cloud Trader

If you think that the Cloud Trader has a team of developers behind it, you are living in a fantasy. This system is only run by a group of online scammers who are very serious when it comes to stealing Peoples cash. The Cloud Trade signals software has a fake CEO, Matthew Shepherd. We tried to trace him on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social media but unable to find. Not even his company has found. So this is not new and we have seen trick like this in the recent past. It is an important fact that all company CEOs have at least an account in any social media. Do you guys know any CEO who doesn’t have a social media account and his company information is not over the internet? So this a red card for Cloud Trader Scam.

There is no Software: Cloud Trader Team

As they are hiding the software app, then it indicates a non-existent software. For the most part, when a reputed company has a very genuine system that has the ability to generate $1,250 every day, then they won’t waiver to present it to the universe. But developers of Cloud Trade System are doing the inverse. They are not interested in showing how the Cloud Trader App works. We are in doubt that if the software really exists or not.

Fake Testimonials of Cloud Trader

Notwithstanding this, they are illegally collecting random people’s photos from the internet and using those photos as testimonials. The man whom they have named Eugene Garner does not realize that his photographs are being illegally used on the web. Moreover, when we tried to get access to the first page of the Cloud Trader System it didn’t let us until we provided our details. This includes providing them with a password and phone number. But the moment we input our phone number, we started getting calls from them with fraud offers.

They started bothering us by calling us over and over again. Actually, those who have registered and funded with the Cloud Trader signals were unable to contact them further over the phone as they blacklisted those numbers. When you choose a broker of your choice after registering with Cloud Trader, You will amaze to see that they assign you a broker you even never heard of. That’s the last set up to rip you off.

Fake Member Profits

There is a fake counter show that all the member profits can be verified. Well, there is no authority which can verify the earnings. Furthermore, website does not have an SSL green bar or security seal. It is very dangerous because if you give your details to register then they might use it illegally. This means you are at high risk of sharing your personal and financial information.

Verdict : The Cloud Trader System is Scam !!

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