Centobot Automated Trading Software Scam Or Real Deal? (Review)


Centobot is an automated Cryptocurrency trading app. It has been in the financial market since February 2017. Centobot trades cryptocurrencies in the shorter expiry times. Therefore, is Centobot a legit auto trader? Can you really make money with Centobot Robot? Therefore, read this detailed Centobot Scam Review to know the truth.

CentoBot scam review is for the most part for the individuals who need to find out about this trading software.  Therefore, try not to skip since you won’t discover nitty gritty data on their site which we talked about underneath. Along these lines, we put all the data in a single spot. Along these lines, you can without much of a stretch find and settle on a choice before contributing cash. CentoBot scam review claims itself a cryptocurrency trading robot that causes financial specialists to procure more than their desire. In any case, it is critical to see if CentoBot scam or genuine trading software.

Centobot Automated Trading Software Review

Centobot is a cryptocurrency robot which set up in February 2017. This automated software offers binary options on Cryptocurrency and Forex. Therefore, you will get numerous robots that will exchange automatically. In addition, merchants can exchange the most well-known cryptocurrency by means of this automated crypto trading software. You can pick one relying upon your trading techniques. CentoBot review software has collaborated with three unique brokers. These are BinaryCent, VideForex, and RaceOption. We will talk about the enrollment procedure, markers later in this review.


  • Centobot Review Robots

    Every robot will offer its own success rates and uses a special arrangement of calculations to create the most ideal outcomes:

    • The NeuroScanner utilizes its very own calculations which are said to be the best accessible. It rushes to respond to any market development. In reality, Centobot crypto app claims that it can process 20,000,000 exchanges in seconds.
    •  The Bladerunner dissects candles and the development of costs around the candle. This enables it to precisely anticipate a value change.
    • Centobot software has a robot called RVI and MA which will take a gander at either nine periods or sixteen. It works by checking the RVI; when this it is moving in the right heading it will alarm you when the SMA crosses this line. The primary cross demonstrates the beginning of the exchange; the second the end.
    •  Bolly Band Bounce is the Centobot crypto app robot which will screen the Bollinger bands and find the correct point at a cost inversion; possibly producing huge benefits.
    •  Strong US V2 centers around unexpected value changes and the potential income accessible if trading against the stream. In spite of the fact that this can be unsafe, it can likewise be exceptionally worthwhile.
    •  The HP Cycles is a Centobot automated trading software robot which spotlights on swapping rate changes and transient value alterations.
    •  The Strong ADX v.2 is just valuable when the market is slanting one way. It can recognize the ADM and EMA intersection focuses to make a gainful exchange.

The Centobot Robot Platform

In the wake of enlisting for a free Centobot account, traders will access the stage and have the option to browse a rundown of top ten robots. There are 10 robots with different strategies and success rate. Traders can choose any robot according to their investment amount.

Every robot accompanies its own depiction which clarifies the trading procedure utilized and the benefit rate payout. The most astounding positioning robot right now in the lead position on the Centobot stage is the RSIMA Cross which requires a base store of $3000 yet guarantees a payout of 303%.


CentoBot Brokers

As a trader, you can trade with three diverse trading brokers which offer by CentoBot review. Each trading intermediary is distinctive for its extraordinary highlights.

BinaryCent Broker

It is a web-based trading broker which was established in the year 2016. It is overseen by Cent Project Ltd. which is an auxiliary of Finance Group Corp. The organization is situated in Vanuatu where their head office is situated in Transpacific Haus, Lini Highway, Vanuatu.


BinaryCent is controlled by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). BinaryCent Broker offers Forex, CFD, and Options. Aside from these trading classes, this intermediary offers in excess of 15 Cryptocurrencies to exchange. Therefore, you can contribute your cash and can procure up to 95%. The base store sum is $250 while you can begin an exchange from 10 pennies. Besides, you can utilize 1:100 leverage to expand your benefit. The base withdrawal sum is $50. The enlistment procedure is additionally straightforward for merchants which will take just 30 sec. to open a demo account, you have to deposit your account.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What is Centobot automated trading software?

One of our most cherished element of Centobot crypto app is the complete customization choice. Therefore, it enables speculators from all spaces to contribute to and benefit from the software. With everything taken into account, we can call Centobot automated trading software genuine and a generally excellent speculation choice.

How Does It work?

It’s very simple, just choose a robot according to your investment amount. Deposit via cryptocurrency wallet to your broker account. Therefore, just turn on the robot & allow the robot to place a trade for you. See your account balance grow.

Is it Safe to Use?

There is no Scam. In reality, Centobot crypto app is a genuine cryptocurrency trading software.

Where you can Get?

To start with, you need to visit the site underneath and register and deposit. From that point onward, you can access inside five minutes.


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