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Welcome to this genuine Cancri Jewelry scam review. CancriJewelry gives no data on its site about who possesses or runs the organization. The Cancri Jewelry review domain is “Cancrijewelry.Diamonds”. It was secretly enlisted on December 23rd, 2021. CancriJewelry initially worked from “Cancri.Jewelry”. It was secretly enrolled on December 22nd, 2021. Therefore, why the organization changed site spaces is a mystery. Cancri Jewelry scam markets itself as the biggest jewelry store in Europe and Asia. No marketing projections to back up this guarantee. While trying to seem real, CancriJewelry gives a corporate location in Turkey. The location is related to a CancriJewelry review marked building. Google Maps shows, to some extent as of July 2022, that the structure really does as a matter of fact exist as portrayed.

On November 17th, 2021, the Central Bank of Russia gave a Cancri Jewelry regulatory warning.

Related Cancri Jewelry review areas referred to by the CBR include:

  • (dumped)
  • (Turkish interpretation of homepage)
  • (dumped, Bulgarian hosting)
  • (Russian rendition) and
  • (main website, functional)

In reality, CancriJewelry is all run by Russians or potentially Ukrainians. Probably, they’re based out of Turkey.


Cancri Jewelry Review

Cancri Jewelry review site is really exemplary to gem dealers. Nonetheless, they have concocted and carried out an extraordinary reward framework. You can purchase a simple Booking Card here (from €50). Therefore, get up to 7% week after week cashback. If you are in a city where CancriJewelry has a shop, you can, likewise, reclaim your booking card. Also, purchase extraordinary jewelry with it. Presently you’re likely reasoning 365% cashback each year. That can’t work? You’re absolutely spot on that!

Cancri Jewelry review has a straightforward reward installment framework for clients. All clients will get it during the year. You can put aside installments utilizing different cryptocurrencies. There are various digital currencies that you can use for your stores and withdrawals.

  • 6% per week or 312% for the year on gift card buys.
  • 3.5% per week or 182% per year on gold jewelry buys.
  • 5% a week or 260% for the year on diamond jewelry


Who Created CancriJewelry?

Responding to this question will be somewhat challenging for members. The CancriJewelry producers disguise the genuine conditions. Nonetheless, this is the same old thing. The culprits generally work a few of these sites. A similar deceitful plan of action. These websites are for rainy days. Rapidly on the web, and similarly fast shut down. The websites are frequently different to mislead monetary controllers and policing. Yet, who is the administrator? There is no valuable data about this. Not on the Cancri Jewelry review site. Neither an organization nor a street number is there. The purportedly opened branches in Paris, Barcelona, and, Turkey don’t exist. There is no help email address or telephone number. The overall quest for CancriJewelry in the pertinent registers prompts no outcomes. Therefore, that explains that it is an unadulterated dream item.


Cancri Jewelry Scam Review

Financial backers can supposedly buy gold/gems through Cancri Jewelry. In this way, everything is completely false. Modern venture extortion. There is no such thing as truth that it is a genuine organization. In reality, CancriJewelry can’t be found at the addresses given. Furthermore, obviously, there is no exchange for jewelry or guaranteed cashback. The cash is going straight into the pockets of the speculation scammers. Striking for the strategic approaches of the CancriJewelry creators is that the site doesn’t contain an engraving. Consequently, the total data about the lawfully capable administrators of the site is absent. Assuming that one gander at the space information of the website page of CancriJewelry, not a single reference to the administrators is in sight there. In any case, the domain registration date is 28.03.2021 with Hosting Ukraine LLC. The genuine space proprietors are taking cover behind its anonymization administration.

CancriJewelry Conclusion

The promoting trick behind CancriJewelry is that financial backers are buying jewelry. In reality, the ROI is imaginary! Over 364 days, they can get the jewelry from Cancri Jewelry.  But members just keep their ROI and don’t worry about jewelry. Regardless of whether it’s really conceivable to gather jewelry is superfluous to CancriJewelry working as a Ponzi plot. While seeming to have a store in Turkey is unquestionably fascinating. It’s, likewise, trivial to CancriJewelry working as a Ponzi conspire. Surely, CancriJewelry is a high creation than a regular Russian crypto Ponzi. In any case, There is similar deceitful action underneath the ostentatious showcasing, arranging of occasions, and entertainer recordings.

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