Bullish University is a SCAM! – Review Exposes Ben Newman!!

Read this important Review about The Bullish University Scam by Ben Newman, Spend 5 minutes of your valuable time to read this article about a mastermind scam trap. Bullish University is not a university at all. It is just a website where they supposedly teach people binary options trading. Recently, many people reported this Bullish University as a fraud site. Therefore we have decided to dig a little deeper and our discovery is shocking! Stay very tuned guys. 

Bullish University

What is this Bullish University? 

According to Ben Newman, Bullish University website is an endless chronicle of Binary Options education. With 2 live online classes each and every day, a 1 on 1 training session and their own private group you will have all that you have to transform Binary Options into a full-time profession. When you join this you will have a one on one educational webinar session with Ben Newman which will help you to become a professional trader. They update all the data regularly to their archives and you will have full access to enter and check the new data. Moreover, they have a private signal group on Facebook where they provide binary options signals to their users. They claim to be the best service provider of binary education. 

Bullish University: The Shocking Truth 

Honestly, Ben Newman was a reputed name in the binary options industry a few years ago. He has made many binary options software like OptionBot 2, Xe Trader with the help of his partner Keith Wearing. Those were the most successful binary trading software. As time goes by, Ben Newman becomes greedy and gets involved in scam production. He stole the algorithm that used in making the OptionBot software and dissolve the partnership with Keith. Then he became a fraudster who was behind many new scam production signal software. His recent project is the www.bullishuniversity.com which he started in July 2016.  

When you log on to Bullish University website, you will not get any clear idea about the cost of the education they offer. Instead, you have to fill up your personal data and that pop up lets you register with a broker account. Even, you will be charged for every single webinar they offer you. Even one of our subscriber said that he was offered an automated trading software which had low ITM rate. So, their agenda is to sell you multiple lies. First with the education thing. Secondly seminar fees and thirdly the trading software. Can you imagine how much money do you have to pay to join this Bullish University App? 

Bullish University Webinar: Fake Facebook and comment feed

There are fake screenshots of user comments good about the Bullish University program. If you look closely then you will discover that all the comment dates are more than a year ago. As we mentioned earlier that this Bullish University system website was created in July 2016. Therefore, how can their so-called members write on the Facebook about this trading method! These feeds have photoshopped by them to make people believe that Bullish University signal is old. So that people think it’s a legit system that has been in the industry for years!  

Bullish University Scam

One of the interesting point that indicates that the Bullish University a scam is the use of actors. We have seen the most famous on-screen actor Dezza on Bullish university website exaggerating about the system. He has promoted scam software only for years and famous among scam production houses. This is a clear sign that Bullish University is a Scam. 

 Final verdict: Bullish University is a SCAM! Avoid joining!! 

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