Antares Trade 2021 By Alex Richter Scam Review! Investment Fraud?


Read this Antares Trade scam review and learn the truth! Antares Trade is an investment stage by Alex Richter that can make you rich overnight. The stage is unpredictable, there are a few investment programs, a few cryptographic money tokens, exchanging robots, and so on The main piece of the offer is the investment programs that guarantee up to 102% month-to-month returns. The blockchain, DeFi tokens AND, DANT and Boco are purportedly secure and examined. Would it be advisable for you to confide in this MLM with your cash, is Antares Trade Scam?

The way things are the lone irrefutable wellspring of income entering Antares Trade is new investment. Utilizing new investment to pay partners a day-by-day return of up to 2% a day makes Antares Trade a Ponzi conspire. At present, Antares Trade has its essential investment plot. They’ve likewise figured out how to transform a Car Bonus into an investment plot as financial backers will set up 30% of the vehicle’s worth.

On the off chance that you discover anybody simply to purchase in, you’ll likewise get a solitary level 2% reference commission. In this Antares review, you will discover that Antares Trade is a scam that has nothing to do with genuine trading and digital currencies.

Antares Trade Review

According to the website, they are truly an MLM Pyramid scheme seller. Antares.Trade is a company advancing investment and MLM organizations, computerized items, and new companies available utilizing the reference framework model. Antares.Trade provides clients around the planet with independence from the rat race and contemporary business instruction. Where you can purchase and utilize top monetary items or you can sell these items and procure 5,000 – 10,000$ each month without any problem.

  • It offers 12 investment bundles from $ 100 – $ 100,000.
  • The Binary Profit Team financing plan offers a chance to make a benefit with a skimming rate of up to 2%, each day for a term of 200 schedule days.
  • The pace of return on non-weekend days is generally higher than on ends of the week and occasions. This is because of the way that not all zones of commercial center trading work.
  • The users have the privilege to buy close to one investment bundle. An expansion in the investment bundle is conceivable just through overhauling (joining) to the following bundle as far as its volume. While overhauling, the framework considers the got productivity from the more modest (past) bundle.
  • Returns for the most recent day are set at 23:00 as per the worker time.


Antares Regulation?

Regardless of what Antares says about its offer, it clearly is an investment administration. For instance, the Antares Forex Bot unmistakably is an investment administration since it will trade for your sake on Forex. In this manner, Antares needs an investment permit legitimate in each country it needs to have clients in. Since their office is in Hongkong, they must have a permit from the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). In any case, Antares has no permit from the SFC as you can see in our photo. Hence, you can check without anyone else on the monetary controller site. This implies that Antares is an unlawful investment administration at home in Hongkong and every other country that manages monetary administrations. Similar scam PETRONPAY

Antares Trade Scam Review

Antares is a scam that is doing no genuine business. It unquestionably doesn’t have any productive exchanging robot nor any genuine and important digital money. Antares is a conspicuous Ponzi plot that is accepting cash from individuals. They might pay a few benefits, however, just for an extremely restricted timeframe. It is an extremely complex MLM conspire that apparently has a huge load of various administrations, yet nothing truly helpful or significant. It just takes cash from fresher individuals and offers it to more seasoned individuals. Which implies that it is bound to implode.

It may have futile digital money and make its utilization on the stage obligatory. Scams regularly do that. This way they can give you counterfeit benefits in cryptographic money that have no genuine worth. Also, when the plan breakdowns, you will not have the option to cash out. Bitconnect spearheaded this methodology and it gave up a ton of scammed individuals. Scams like Antares may bring in cash to a couple of individuals yet the dominant part will consistently lose. It generally is just a short time before a particular fake program breakdown. Therefore, you truly need to avoid it.


Who is Alex Richter?

Antares Trade by Alex Richter works in the cryptocurrency MLM specialty. The organization address is in Hongkong and run by Alex Richter. Alex Richter is a decent contender for a Boring CEO, which means he’s played by an entertainer. This is principally founded on Richter not having a computerized impression until Antares Trade’s dispatch a couple of months prior. Alex Richter likewise shows up in numerous Antares Trade promotional videos, which according to the model above, radiate a regularly leased office vibe. An indication of this is similar props utilized in recordings highlighting Richter, regardless of them being shot weeks apart. As far as anyone knows Antares Trade is based out of Mexico, nonetheless, the organization gives a corporate location in Hong Kong on its site.

A Google search on Antares Trade’s Hong Kong office address uncovers it has a place with a Hotel. This is obviously all exceptionally dubious, yet lamentably good enough of MLM organizations. Antares site space’s present enlistment was done on December tenth, 2018. The enrollment kept going refreshed on March 27th, 2020. A visit to the ”Wayback Machine” affirms that as of December 22nd, 2018, the Antares.Trade site was available to be purchased. This recommends the current proprietors bought the domain by March 2020. Afterward repurposed it to dispatch Antares. This coordinates with the primary video transferred to Antares Trade’s true YouTube channel on March sixth, 2020.



Antares is one of those companies that take real money from you and gives you their so-called company’s token that does not have any real value outside the company’s ecosystem. Antares can generate these ERC-20 tokens on-demand at little to no cost. In reality, they are creating an illusion of giving you something that has zero value, and in return, they are getting something that is highly liquid. This system will run until new investment stops coming in and when the new investment stops coming in, you know what happens.

We also ran a check on their Hong Kong address. There’s a hotel at the address – Shocking? It was shocking for us as well. These guys think that modern investors won’t check. But guess what? We did and we are informing our followers. Rosewood hotel is at the same address. Let us be upfront and mention the fact that is nothing but a scam project. The CEO of the company Alex Richter is nothing but a dummy actor. Their marketing videos are low quality and it’s clear that they have been shot at rented offices. We hope you won’t join after reading this legitimate Antares Trade scam review.

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    If it’s unfortunate that many people have lost their hard-earned money to this platform.

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    I have lost 11000 USD. They are scammers.

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