AI Marketing Official Scam Warning! Review Of INB Network Cashbackpro!


Welcome to the official Ai Marketing scam review 2021. In the event that you have caught wind of Ai Marketing review and INB Network via online media stages like Facebook or from a video on YouTube, and you are contemplating whether it is a genuine stage to put away your cash or simply one more scam webpage that will rip off your cash, you are in the perfect spot. AI-based insight publicizing is a theory website page with an advantage-sharing structure. That oversees auxiliary exhibiting and online arrangements through a robotized cycle.

Using the monetary arrangement of the monetary supporter customers, the stage puts assets into google ads, Facebook advancements, and other publicizing associations. On account of man-made brainpower (AI) and their MarketBot, the stage would have the choice to deliver bargains and benefits for the customers. All through this Ai Marketing review and its accomplice INB Network, we will dive further into the accompanying focuses with the goal that you can decide without anyone else if this stage merits your cash or not.

AI Marketing Review

There is a ton of publicity around AIMarketing. In the wake of testing it, it immediately turned out to be clear it is on the grounds that individuals are attempting to acquire by enrolling a group. It is feasible to acquire here. However, you really want to know precisely the thing you are getting into not to lose cash. In reality, AI Marketing is a Ponzi Scheme. Nigerian, Indian, and Russian Scammers on YouTube are advancing this scam. They’re attempting to persuade their casualties that AI is an authentic venture stage. It can payout up to 35% month-to-month ROI. AI Marketing is a Ponzi Scheme organization. The parent company name is INB Network. INB Network made a Hong Kong Shell organization called Wexford Alliance.


They are additionally utilizing other shell organizations. One is UDM Creators LTD and the other is Zarya LLC. Back in mid-July INB Network quit paying out their financial backers and impair all withdrawals. Rather than coming clean with their financial backers, INB thought of some tall tales about getting digitally assaulted. INB went to the extent that getting out their Payeer account that they were utilizing to support the plan. AIMarketing administrators posted on their online media channels that they needed to incapacitate withdrawals in light of the fact that they got boycotted by Russian specialists. Presently INB has dispatched a clone AI Marketing site called CashBackPro which is aiming to scam their unique investors once more.

AI Marketing Scam Review

Directly from the beginning, AI Marketing claims are untruths and double-dealing. Similar to Daisy AI which we have expounded on already. AIMarketing supposedly has a bot that produces income by running commercials for their (non-existent) customers. However, the main site Ai.Marketing has closed down. Its designers have pulled an exit. However, there are similar websites like Aimarketing.Cloud. That actually has data about AIMarketing.

This is clear from the procuring diagram introduced to users. The profits guarantees are totally silly. AI Marketing claims that users can turn $500 into $18,000+ in a year. That is a ludicrously high ROI of 3,500%. In reality, even the most extravagant investors on the planet don’t create over 20% gain a year. The terrifying part? The tale isn’t over. AIMarketing is by all accounts back under another name running a similar deceitful plan. This time around, the plan name is Cashbackpro (Cashbackpro.Biz) The site is indistinguishable from that of AIMarketing. Let’s play a round of recognizing the distinction. Investigate these screen captures from the sites of AIMarketing and Cashbackpro individually.


INB Network: MLM Pyramid Scheme

AI Marketing and Cashbackpro are just veneers for the organization. Behind these plans is a Russian activity called INB Network. INB Network is supposedly a legitimate MLM company. This has all the earmarks of being a questionable claim. There are no genuine items or administrations. Furthermore, the organization has a three-level reference commission framework. These two realities joined paint the image that INB Network is probably going to be a false fraudulent business model. While INB Network claims that they bring in cash through Affiliate Marketing. It doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be anything over than a trendy expression they are utilizing to trick individuals without information regarding the matter.

However, the domain name Ai.Marketing was initially enrolled in 2015. The site of this speculation conspire didn’t go live till June 2020. We can confirm from Wayback Machine documents. AI Marketing dishonestly claimed on their site that the organization was established in 2017 and that the site was dispatched in 2019. There is no confirmation that any of these claims are valid.

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